Airdate: David Attenborough’s The Hunt


Nine finally has (another) date for its documentary series, David Attenborough’s The Hunt, previously scheduled twice before being withdrawn.

It will now begin 7:30pm Wednesday May 25 (but is likely to rest a week later when State of Origin begins).

This series aired in the UK in November.

But it’s how these skills are applied that makes the difference between life and death. We see the successes and failings of predators such as Blue Whales, Cheetahs, Frigatebirds, Tigers, even Army Ants, as they fight to survive in the wild.

Follow The Hunt around the globe from the USA, Norway, Madagascar and South Africa to Ethiopia, watching how these highly evolved predators are programmed to strike for a kill and survive another day.

After the actual kill The Hunt rewinds to give us a rare insight into the lead-up, the skills, the tactics, and the undocumented low rate of success when a predator is on the hunt.

Engage with both sides of the absorbing story of life and death in the wild in Sir David Attenborough’s latest television event, The Hunt -a new series from BBC Worldwide telecast for the first time in crystal clear HD.

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