Airdate: iZombie


US series iZombie from Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars) will have its Free to Air premiere on GO! on Friday night.

The series has previously screened via Stan.

It begins with a double episode at 11pm. This premiered in the US in March 2015 and was recently renewed for a third season.

A medical resident turned zombie works in the coroner’s office. With each brain she eats, she inherits the corpse’s memories, helping her solve crimes.


  1. I’m watching it right now and it’s really good. I’m just glad I didn’t miss it starting. I really hope GO! plays all of both seasons and then the 3rd season when it comes out. (My first comment ever!)

  2. Glad its arrived as I’ve been hearing good things. Unfortunately it looks like it’s taking over from The Originals so who knows when season 3 will turn up.

  3. 11pm, what’s the point?! people won’t know it’s on, no point in airing it. at least try it in a earlier slot like 9:30 and then bump it back if it doesn’t rate! like Eleven do.

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