Airdate: Kiss Bang Love


No surprises here that Kiss Bang Love will replace Seven Year Switch in its timeslot from next week.

The series premieres at 8:45pm on Tuesday May 24th. Seven has done well with its cheap and (mostly) cheerful dating shows this year. Now it cuts out the dinner dates and relationship experts and just get down to the pash.

Singles looking for love are taking part in an exciting, extraordinary and provocative new TV experiment for Channel Seven.

Kiss Bang Love asks the question: Can you find love with a first kiss? Kiss Bang Love features love-seeking singles silently and passionately kissing complete strangers – blindfolded.

There are no relationship experts to guide the singles on Kiss Bang Love. The Singles have only their feelings and intuition to rely on. Decisions are based on touch, feel, smell and even taste.

In this controversial experiment, the Single’s five favourite kissers return without blindfolds, to chat and indulge in a second round of kissing.

Then the two most outstanding kissers are chosen for separate 24 hour dates with the Single. There are glamorous locations, romantic events and authentic and enticing activities. The stage is set for loving – whether it happens remains to be seen.

Kiss Bang Love is a totally unpredictable and life-changing TV experiment that comes to a stunning climax at the airport – with the plane ready to depart — when the Single chooses one of the dates to join them on a romantic holiday.

On their return Kiss Bang Love discovers if you can find love with a first kiss. Each episode is a new adventure for a new Single kissing twelve new strangers.

This trailblazing, modern new TV dating series dares to court controversy by testing the theory that it’s better for true love to be found at first kiss – not by looks.

Kiss Bang Love is a format created by Snowman Productions Denmark – creators of Married At First Sight – and produced by Seven Productions.

8:45pm Tuesday May 24 on Seven.


  1. What is it with Dating and Relationships shows with Seven what happened to variety cause this goes back to too many cooking shows then reno shows what is wrong with the monkeys at Seven!

  2. 3 reality dating type shows airing consecutively in the same timeslot and day has surely got to be doing some damage to the longevity of them. Not that i’m complaining as I wouldn’t watch any of them, but where’s the creativity and diversity? Give us something different!

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