Airdate: Looking: The Movie


Fans of gay drama Looking there is finally a date for the show’s conclusion.

Looking: The Movie will air 8.30pm Thursday July 28 on Showcase. It will air 4 days after the US.

The series was cancelled last year after two seasons, but HBO approved a 90 minute movie to wrap things up.

Looking: The Movie  is written by executive producers Andrew Haigh and Michael Lannan, with Haigh serving as director.

Starring Jonathan Groff, Frankie J. Alvarez and Murray Bartlett, Looking: The Movie wraps up the story of three close friends living in San Francisco who explore the options available to a new generation of gay men seeking fulfillment in love and life.

In the film, Patrick (Groff) returns to the city for the first time in almost a year to celebrate a momentous event with his old friends. In the process, he must face the unresolved relationships he left behind and make difficult choices about what’s important to him.


  1. friendly croc

    Excellent news! Saw the US premier date a day or two ago and hoped we’d get it soon after.

    Massive fan of this show, a subtle and beautiful depiction of friendships, finding your way in your late 20s/early 30s and the midfield of love! The acting, writing, direction are all top notch (Andrew Haigh is responsible for the critically acclaimed films Weekend and most recently 45 Years). Honestly I think the bulk of season two was probably the best television (or film) I saw all last year…

    Fingers crossed Doris gets plenty of screen time, love her!

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