At 101 original Prisoner star still glows

Even at 101 Mary Ward Breheny says she would still consider acting offers.


In March original Prisoner star, Mary Ward Breheny, turned 101 -and she’s still open to acting offers.

She appeared as garden loving inmate “Mum” (Jeanette) Brooks in the TEN series in 1979. Appearing for just 13 episodes initially, she reprised her role occasionally until her character died off screen in 1983.

“People still still recognise me from it and it’s been a rather long time now,” she told the Herald Sun.

“It certainly is popular.”

Last appearing in Blue Heelers in 2000, her other credits include Sons and Daughters, Neighbours, The Henderson Kids and Homicide.

Although she has long since retired from the small screen, she hasn’t ruled out ever performing again.

“If someone asked me (to act again), I’d certainly consider it,” she said.

What a great idea! Let’s have a producer pick up the phone please.

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  1. 101 and still wanting to work, good on her. I’ll never forget a cliffhanger episode of Sons & Daughters in which Dee clutches her chest and desperately asks Patricia for her pills. Pat the Rat rushes to Dee’s handbag, retrieves the pills but then stands defiant over Dee refusing to hand them over. Gawd that Pat the Rat was wicked. Where are these characters on today’s Australian television landscape?

  2. She was a great actress as she carried of two very different roles and was believable in both. The kind down to earth Mum in Prisoner and the venemous Dee Morrell in Sons and Daughters. I know someone who also has her tall slim frame and is 96, I guess it’s one of the keys to a long life 🙂

  3. As an original character, the character of “Mum” had a lot to do with the instant success of Prisoner as all the original characters did and she certainly was very special indeed. In a very grim, harsh, cold, dark, violent world that was Wentworth there was just one light at the end of the tunnel that provided some hope, the one person in that whole place who gave the girls a bit of compassion, warmth and understanding and that was “Mum”.

    Was so glad when she returned several times for short stints throughout the early years of the series, just only wish she had lasted longer. Such a brilliant actress that gave so much to the role. Great to see Mary Ward is still going strong, she has outlived her character by 33 years!

  4. What a wonderful story! There had been so little info available on Mary Ward, it is just great to hear she is still with us! She brought such dignity and determination to her role; and considering she was in the very first episodes, there was no time to build character – i suspect the actresses all had to craft their role very quickly. Mary is tall and steely (well she was) -could she not play Joan Ferguson’s grandmother! 🙂

    1. In the early episodes of Prisoner i think they had more time. The first thirteen weeks were made at a slower rate than the two hour a week serial it became.

  5. Bless her, she brought so much sensitivity and depth to that role. That original cast worked so hard to define their characters and present something quite remarkable.

  6. What a wonderful story! She crafted the most beautiful character in those first episodes of Prisoner and it’s great to see her still going strong!

  7. She looks amazing for 101!!! She was wonderful as the deliciously wicked Dee Morrell in Sons and Daughters!! Let’s have her back on our screens stat!

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