Axed: Castle, The Muppets, Galavant, The Grinder, Grandfathered.

After 8 seasons it's case closed on US mystery Castle.


The axe has been swinging in the US ahead of the Upfronts season.

Castle has been axed after 8 seasons.

The news comes after word Stana Katic would not be returning, and despite Nathan Fillion signing in the hope of more.

The Hollywood Reporter notes the cancellation came after talks about a final abbreviated season and as ABC faced a more immediate deadline to make the decision as producers were up against the wall and tasked with editing the season finale. Producers filmed two different endings as the drama hung in the balance and had prepared both of what would be a series finale and a season finale that left the door open for another cycle. It ends in the US next week.

No surprises that the revived Muppets series is also a goner. The show was never well-received by the critics, or audiences. A missed opportunity.

Seven also loses out with musical fantasy, Galavant ending with two seasons. Star Joshua Sasse has signed on to star in The CW pilot No Tomorrow. It continues to air on 7flix.

Meanwhile the news is worse for TEN with CSI: Cyber axed, plus new series The Grinder and Grandfathered. TEN has been planning to debut the latter two on its primary channel, but may need to rethink that or move them to summer.

Despite stars Rob Lowe and John Stamos, respectively, The Grinder averaged 3.4 million US viewers while Grandfathered had 4 million in live-plus-seven day viewing.

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  1. Yeah – after seeing Galavant I think it was too uneven (and maybe its because I saw it along with Crazy Ex Girlfreind) but just wasn’t strong enough in my opinion anyway. Anyone who does like Galavant would really enjoy Crazy ExGF… pretty similar idea but much better execution, acting, musical numbers and comedy timing.

    Like a lot of people – I actually enjoyed The Muppets quite a lot – the writing was really good and sharp – not sure why the critics and audiences didn’t like it.

  2. The writing was on the wall but it’s such a shame about The Grinder, a very funny smart show with a great cast. It possibly would have done better if it was on FX or had been a Netflix original, I don’t think it suited Fox – I’m amazed even Brooklyn Nine-Nine does well there.

  3. That’s too bad about CSI: Cyber and The Muppets. I thought they were pretty good shows. And as for Grandfathered and The Grinder, maybe TEN should put them on Eleven or ONE.

  4. Shame about The Muppets. It had the potential to improve.
    I remember the first season of The Muppet Show was ordinary but it hit its stride during the second season. I guess TV has changed since the 70’s.

    1. Potential to improve quality wise? Sure. Ratings wise? Nope. When you eviscerate that much goodwill (it premiered to high 2s and ended up around .8), you can’t get it back…and they already tried by firing the original showrunner and attempting to reboot it for the final 6 episodes.

      ABC made numerous ill-steps here from rushing it to debut in October on the basis of a mere 10min presentation in May, to allowing Prady to wield as much influence as the showrunner whilst still primarily working on BBT, to somehow not realising that they had severe problems when they received the first 3 episodes which were all trainwrecks. If Kristin Newman had been the showrunner from the start maybe the show still survives.

  5. Episode 1 of Grandfathered was quite good, but every episode thereafter was pretty lame. This weeks season finale was done in a way which could have extended to another season or wrapped up the show.

    1. Far too many of their franchises filling TV and cinema screens as it is-we are rapidly reaching the costumed superhero event horizon in which it all collapses in on itself.

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