Axed: CSI: Cyber

One of TV's most successful procedural franchises is coming to an end.

CSI- Cyber -Season 2-Episode15-3

CBS is calling it quits on CSI: Cyber after just two seasons.

The news brings to an end one of TV’s most successful procedural franchises.

While it averaged 8.5 million total US viewers, the show had been a money-maker thanks to international sales.

But the decision to end the series comes as little surprise. The third spinoff in the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation franchise was left off of CBS’ midseason schedule as was nowhere to be seen during a recent renewal for 11 other shows.

The show has aired in Australia on TEN where its ratings have also been sub-par.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. It would be good to see Ted Danson back in Comedy. I just didnt like him in CSI although it could just be the show i dont like. Personally its good that it was axed. Been on for too long certainly that format anyway. I would like something similar to Hercules: the Legendary Journeys on. On the season 5/6 dvd commentary Paul Robert Coyle the writer than Producer of the show said that they wanted to do a Spin-off of the show situated around the Norse Gods but the time for syndicated action shows ran out by the end of the 90s or words to that effect. I think now would be the perfect time the Norse Gods Spin off.

    1. That was a desperate attempt to raise interest by transplanting a popular character and actor-sometimes it works (Worf/Michael Doorman in Star Trek NG to ST DS9) and sometimes it doesn’t as in this case.

  2. I watched two episodes when it first started and then gave it away. I am a bit hard of hearing and their American accents combined with fast delivery style meant I could hardly understand what they were saying a lot of the time.
    No loss.

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