Bronwyn Bishop joins SKY News

Former Liberal MP is the latest recruit to SKY News.


Former Liberal MP Bronwyn Bishop is the latest recruit to SKY News.

The former member for Mackellar and Speaker will debut as a commentator on Speers Tonight this Thursday.

The mother of TEN entertainment reporter Angela Bishop, her parliamentary career ended following the ‘Chopper-gate’ scandal.

“I’ve always said politics is not for wilting violets, it’s a tough game,” she told News Corp. “You have to take the rough with the smooth. It’s been a great honour for me to have served the Australian people for nearly 30 years and I’m looking forward to this new contribution that I can make. I’m quite excited by it.”

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  1. I don’t necessarily agree with all the sentiment that Sky news is predominately right wing. David Speers is one of the most even handed and skillful journalists and presenters on the box; on any channel. Peta Credlin’s contributions have been very insightful; and obviously right wing. Kristina Keneally balances her out. Paul Murray is unapologetically right wing but he still installs lefty folk like Dee Madigan and Darrin Barnett, Nick Reese. For me I use both ABC and Sky to get differing voices. But Bronnie!!! Good Lord why?. I’ll better hide all my shoes or they will be hurled straight to the screen!

    1. They’re most prominent hosts may lean right (Murray, Bolt, etc) however they have a number of left leaning hosts (Keneally, Richo, etc) too. Personally, I think they’re journos are pretty straight down the line with reporting which is where it counts more.

  2. Uhhhh another Lib…Sky News now officially joined at the hip with Fox News,and how about the Dorothy Dixes to Peta Credlin from Speers, Murray,Bolt, etc would put Hannity to shame..but it’s such a great laugh and entertainment when there’s nothing else on TV

    1. Another Lib I can live with, but Bronnie? With her history of sense of entitlement, having to be dragged kicking and screaming to resign as Speaker, her actions in the helicopter saga were pretty much the final straw in bringing Tony Abbott down. I don’t think that her values and her opinions will be relevant or aligned with the majority of voters. Another pollie that outlived her usefulness to the electorate that she supposedly represented.

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