Bumped: Outlander


A more-unusual programming move by Foxtel sees Outlander moving from 8:30pm Sundays to 7:30pm from next weekend.

At 8:30pm SoHo will screen a repeat of Scandal.

The shift coincides with Secret City beginning on Showcase (to be succeeded later by The Kettering Incident) so it appears to be a move to give the Australian drama more potential viewers.

It’s a rare move by Foxtel which, as a multichannel platform and an IQ with recording abilities, hasn’t been overly-precious about premium content going head to head with other premium content in the past. Outlander has happily played against Real Housewives of Melbourne and BBC First dramas such as Happy Valley in the same slot.

Presumably Foxtel is keen to drive Outlander viewers from SoHo to Showcase in order to lift the Overnight ratings results for Secret City. Not that there’s anything wrong with that….


  1. If they were really concerned, they wouldn’t have scheduled it against the season finale of ‘Happy Valley’, which happens to air on a channel (BBC First) that does not have a +2 channel.

  2. Not impressed with some of Foxtel’s scheduling. Veep and Wayward Pines are being shown 1-3 days after broadcast, when last year we had Pines before anyone else due to time zone. If we have to pay a premium for drama channels, then I want more same day broadcasting.

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