Chelsea: a talk show on Streaming?

Los Angeles, Calif. -- May 9, 2016 -- Chelsea tackles the topic of education with guests Chris Martin, Drew Barrymore, Pitbull and U.S. Secretary of Education John B. King. (Photo by Patrick Wymore/Netflix)

Chelsea Handler’s new talk show Chelsea recently launched on Netflix.

Netflix will offer new episodes every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, no more than 48 hours after they’re taped.

“No band. No cue cards. We’re not planning on a monologue,” Executive Producer Bill Wolff says. “We’re not really going to pay attention to the conventions of the late-night talk show.”

He says guests won’t just come on to promote their latest projects.

“Our goal is to have really thoughtful conversations. … Guests (will) come from a wide range of areas, so that could be entertainers, but also politicians and newsmakers and experts.”

Episodes will also feature a studio audience, though significant portions of some shows will be devoted to field pieces and/or specific topics.

Chelsea will also feature segments from special correspondents, such as hip-hop DJ Khaled, who will serve as the show’s “chief financial correspondent.”

“He’s doing stuff like explaining the gold standard and ‘Where is your money?’ and ‘What is good investment advice?’” Wolff says. “It’s explanatory and also hilarious.”

“The orientation of the show is more about inquiry than exposé,” he says. “There is no ideology to our work; we are asking more questions than presenting theses. And so our correspondents will do the same thing.”


This week:
#1004: Gwen Stefani. Field piece is Harajuku in Japan.

#1005: Jon Favreau and field piece with youth voters in Florida.

#1006: Christina Aguilera. Field piece is with vocal coach (who teaches transgender individuals how to adjust their tone).

Next week:
#1007- Senator Barbara Boxer, DJ Khaled

#1008- Gabriel Deem and Noah Church from “Reboot Nation,” Utah state Senator Todd Weiler.


  1. I really enjoyed the first three episodes. You do have to like Chelsea’s shtick, though, cause she’s quite a stilted host. But it definitely has a more fluid feel about it, and I like that each episode has a slightly different structure.

    Most importantly, the guests are talking about topics that we don’t often see them addressing as the line of questioning is less run of the mill.

    • I’ve watched the first three episodes too and I also like the fact that questions aren’t standard. What I least liked was her more flippant attitude to certain drugs.

    • I haven’t had a chance. Been so much on with Logies, Eurovision and a string of other shows still to come. I realised I had missed giving it a post for the premiere, so running upcoming guests seemed like a good make-do! Interesting article on Variety discusses how it tries to avoid current topics to extend its shelf-life. It may be an awkward fit.

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