Comedy Showroom: Moonman


The sixth and final pilot in ABC’s Comedy Showroom initiative is Moonman featuring Lawrence Mooney.

The pilot is based loosely on his own life and features him as a jaded radio presenter and troubled husband. Look out for a hilarious (and foul-mouthed) performance by Ian Smith too.

What will it take to make a 40-year-old man grow up?

Lawrence is the hard partying host of the midnight to dawn request show on Soft FM. He might be 40, but he is definitely is not in any way what you would call a grown up. It’s not that he doesn’t try to be responsible, it’s just that he fails at every attempt, coasting through life and never in danger of taking anything too seriously.

When he participates in a celebrity golf day challenge to raise money for homeless children he has no idea it is the beginning of a life changing 24 hours. In an effort to increase donations he takes part in an impromptu night-time golf cart race and decides to cheat, for the kids, by sneaking down a road alongside the course. His plan comes seriously unstuck when he’s picked up for drink driving his golf cart. Not exactly a career high point.

9pm Wednesday on ABC.

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