English Premier League fan backlash over Optus pricing

They scored plenty of good PR when they nabbed the EPL from Foxtel, but now fans see the prices they are turning.


Optus has unveiled plans for its English Premier League but fans have taken to social media to baulk at the pricing.

Subscriptions are available for $15 a month on top of existing mobile plans or included in plans starting from $85 per month.

The package will include all 380 games streamed live, as well as a dedicated EPL channel with catch-up games and analysis.

The minimum subscription available is $40 per month on tablet or phone, with new subscribers locked in for 24 months -a minimum outlay of $1320.

To view on a big screen via Fetch TV, the cost climbs to $2160 over 24 months.




Exclusive live access to every match of the world’s greatest football competition is just the beginning. We’re giving fans flexibility and choice around their EPL experience with Optus including:

• Every match live: Australia’s first 24/7 EPL channel boasts up to nine sub-channels, so viewers never miss a minute of the action on match day, no matter how many teams are playing.
• Dedicated EPL channel: Devoted exclusively to the English Premier League, Optus’ 24/7 EPL channel will carry all 380 live matches of the 2016/17 season, as well as the most comprehensive EPL news and analysis ever offered in Australia with shows like Match of the Week, News, Fanzone and Match Day Live.
• Un-metered EPL: Streaming EPL over the Optus mobile and fixed network will be data free on eligible plans. This means customers accessing the content from an eligible plan will be able to stream as much EPL content as they want, without using their mobile, mobile broadband or home broadband data allowance. (Note: advertisements, analytics and authentication use data).
• Device of your choice: Optus will launch new mobile and tablet apps, and a dedicated website that will allow customers to sync up to four devices through their subscription. To broadcast EPL at a venue, register your interest here: https://offer.optus.com.au/eplbusiness.
• Screen-in-screen viewing: Subscriptions come with access to a dedicated new website that supports up to four screens, for those times when games are on at the same time.

Ben White, Managing Director of Marketing and Product at Optus, said, “From mobile plans with generous data and call inclusions, through to home broadband plans that come with unlimited data, Yes TV by Fetch, and the EPL included, Optus has a great range of EPL plans suited to all lifestyles and budgets.”

“While you’ll need to be an Optus customer to get all the EPL action, Optus research shows that close to two in three (63%) football fans, who are not already Optus customers, are out of contract for at least one of their fixed broadband or mobile services.”

“We’re confident that when these fans see our range of great value EPL-ready plans, they’ll be convinced that now’s the right time to switch. And for those not quite ready to make that extra commitment, we also have a great postpaid BYO mobile plan that will provide access to the EPL,” Mr White said.

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  1. So I’m a bit confused. What do I need to do if I want to watch the EPL on my TV.
    At the moment I’m locked into a contract with Telstra with my broadband/ homeline/ mobile.
    Do I need to be an OPTUS customer to access Fetch TV to watch the games?

    1. It will actually work out cheaper to view the EPL on Optus than it did to view it on Foxtel . For 120 pm you get home broadband landline all phone calls all calls unlimited data free streaming of the EPL that’s heaps cheaper than Foxtel which for the same price you just your Foxtel subscription .dont know what people are complaining about .then you always have the app option 15 bucks per month cheap as chips .

      1. 15 a month to watch one league + broadband costs or 55 a month to watch all other leagues, we have NBN broadband @45 a month unlimited calls etc,cheaper via Optus….nope

  2. I do a lot of AV work at Pubs and Clubs and am really interested how Optus plan on providing the EPL to these venues? What infrastructure are they going to use? Cant really see a “streaming” service as being satisfactory… especially if the matches arent in HD (there was no mention in the press release). Most pubs have standard ADSL internet to run the whole venue….. Dont know if they would even have the bandwidth to be able to stream a “channel” 24/7…. let allow then be able to modulate the picture and show it around the venue.
    Not really sure Optus thought through buying the rights.

    1. @JM – Optus own a few satellites (including the ones Foxtel use), I’m sure they’ll be able to find a bit of transponder space to deliver EPL to pubs & clubs that way.

      1. Optus won’t have any issues delivering EPL to venues. They’re in the business of direct-to-home and direct-to-venue content delivery. It wouldn’t surprise me if they team up with Sky Racing to get into most venues. Sky has already got the industry experience and the equipment for best practice venue broadcasting. Their T-Mod headend unit would be a great device for Optus to use. I reckon we’ll see an agreement like this very soon, alongside a cheaper set-top-box offer that utilises the VAST subscription model.

        1. @DaveS – totally understand they have satellite space but was more questioning there ability to deliver it to venues.

          @WAtvVideos – The T-Mod is an interesting proposition…. I guess that could work. Only question is when Sky switch all there channels to HD (which will be happening) that would greatly stretch the ability of the T-Mod.
          And after the debarcel of the TVN installations I’m not sure a lot of venues would be interested in spending money to get new equipment installed and more subscription fees for a sport that is lately played outside of trading hours for a lot of venues. Venues are already paying $3000-$4000 a month for Foxtel as it is, difference is it largely covers all their sport.

  3. Fortunately I know someone with an eligible (=free) Optus plan but it’s a kick in the guts for non-Optus EPL fans. I know Optus are expecting (hoping) that this will drive people to switch providers on at least one device but I’m interested to see whether that works for them in the long run.

    Foxtel are attempting to signup the TV channels for the bigger clubs which should allow them to show replays. This would prob suit the eastern seaboard since the most live matches kick off at midnight or 2am depending on DLS.

    1. If it’s like what Eurosport do with club channels, the games won’t be shown for up to 48 hours after the live match. I don’t think this will be a satisfactory substitute for watching/following games live.

      I just hope that the pricing for pubs and clubs are reasonable because I will be watching a lot more games there rather than signing up for this …

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