Fans will either “love or hate” Good Wife finale


This time next week US viewers will be all over the finale for The Good Wife, meaning Australian fans will need to be careful avoiding online spoilers before it airs here on Wednesday night.

Big things are in store, if more comments by Julianna Margulies are anything to go by.

“I said to Christine [Baranski] when we shot the last scene, ‘Wow. The fans are either ‘gonna love this or hate this, but there’s not going to be a ‘meh.’ There’s no tied up bows. And I hope that the fans can understand the trajectory it puts Alicia on,” she said last week.

Co-creator Robert King has previously cited Six Feet Under, Breaking Bad, and The Sopranos as resonant, even ambiguous, finales.

“I think [fans can expect] some surprises. We didn’t want to be that show that kind of took a breath and kind of sat back like, ‘Ok, let’s all say goodbye,’” he ads. “We wanted it to feel like a continuation of the story.”

There are just two more episodes to air, at 9:30pm this Wednesday and next.

Source: Variety


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