First on Nine?


On Sunday arvo this Live press moment with Laurie Daley, coach of the Blues in State of Origin, was branded “First on Nine.”

As the microphone cubes indicate Seven, TEN and radio journos were also present.

So was it really “First?”

TV Tonight understands it aired at 12:20pm during the Sunday Footy Show. According to schedules Seven had Bewitched and TEN had Live Netball -which means it probably was actually, “First.”


  1. Actually that water mark is rather small compared with some they put on and you can’t make out what you are watching. I agree no-one cares who was there first!

  2. I saw one a couple days ago with a huge SN logo moving across the screen and over the person’s face. Incredibly distracting and honestly, not a pleasant viewing experience and nor does it entice me to watch SN if that’s what their intent was.

  3. If l miss the airing then it not first for me hey. Does anyone care or switches channel to check who aired it 1st. It’s just a nonsense and a nuisance watching the water marks.

  4. The mistake lies in thinking it’s a claim. It’s not – it’s a slogan they stick on everything that, by total coincidence, just happens to make you think they’re the first/only one.

    Same as ‘7 News Exclusive’…

    “Nope, sorry, we’re not trying to mislead anyone at all – how could you possibly think that?!”

  5. and look at that… the sun came up on Monday morning… and no one cared who had Laurie Daley first on the TV the previous day. Memo to all networks… No one cares.

  6. It was branded as “first on 9 news”. Last time I checked the Sunday Footy Show was not part of Nine News. Therefore the branding is false, since it first showed on the Footy Show.

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