James Stewart heads up new Home & Away family


A new family is headed to Home and Away‘s Summer Bay.

The Morgan family comprises L to R: Mason (Orpheus Pledger), Justin (James Stewart), Tori (Penny McNamee) and Brody (Jackson Heywood).

James Stewart plays mechanic Justin, the eldest sibling of the Morgan family who takes the role of head of the family very seriously.

“I’m super excited to be joining the team at Home and Away and Channel Seven. I have always been a fan of the show and am really looking forward to working with everyone at Summer Bay,” he said.

“Justin’s strengths are his love for his family and the lengths he’ll go to, to protect them from their past. His weakness is his impulsive and aggressive nature. He still hasn’t grown out of the alpha mentality he grew up with. He also believes he is ‘good with the ladies’. Whether that is a strength or a weakness, only time will tell.”

Penny McNamee plays the second eldest sibling, a successful doctor and friend to everyone. Her character has already debuted on screen.

“Tori has grown up with three brothers so she is quick with a comeback and knows how to laugh at herself. She is highly intelligent and driven, successfully working her way up through the medical profession. She is admired by her co-workers for her professionalism and her kindness. Those who meet Tori enjoy her warmth and sense of humour, but find it hard to reach a deeper level with her as she tends to deflect personal questions,” she said.

Jackson Heywood plays Brody a successful chef who struggles to let people get close to him.

“I love Brody! Although he can come off quite jaded and somewhat pessimistic at times, deep down he always has the best intentions and a true heart of gold. Brody is a passionate, ambitious and extremely loyal character, with a wonderful complexity of emotions and I’m having an absolute blast playing him. I look forward to bringing everyone along for the ride of Brody and the Morgan Family,” he said.

Orpheus Pledger plays the youngest of the Morgan family.

“Mason’s positive outlook on life has him approaching every situation with a passionate sense of truth and adventure. He is studying medicine which leaves him little time to juggle between training in the gym and maintaining a social life. Whilst thinking logically with a scientific approach, Mason leads with his gut and stands up for what he believes in and will always stick up for the little guy. He in undoubtedly a hopeless romantic, but no matter what, family comes first,” he added.

James Stewart, Jackson Heywood and Orpheus Pledger first appear on Tuesday 7th June on Seven.


  1. mateo_mathieu

    Diversity is still out of the picture… I’d like to see a gay, atheist, black, Asian, etc… residents in Summer Bay. Come on, it’s 2016.

  2. When you first think back to when the show started it was about a foster family in that house. Now it’s just crime and relationship breakups, explosions and deaths. I get that it cant be a non event show and everyone is happy all the time but it would be nice to see a family come in.

    I don’t care if its 2 mums and children or 2 dad with children but we havent had a family since the Sutherland family.

  3. It did play out – Leah was in the bus accident and in a coma for a few months, necessitated by Ada’s maternity leave/compassionate leave for her stillborn child. She had the surgery not long after she woke up and after that she and Zac got engaged.

  4. I’m happy they’re finally adding some new characters! I yawned when they said they’re hiding a secret ugh.. Moving on though can one of them be gay?? Preferably Mason 😛

  5. That’s Orpheus Pledger who played Noah Parkin on Neighbours. There seems to be a lot of soapie swapping at the moment. Kristian Schmid who played Todd Landers decades ago on Neighbours is also appearing on Home & Away. Meanwhile heaps have gone the other way too: Kip Gamblin, Rebekah Elmaloglou, Andrew Morley and Jodi Anasta.

  6. But don’t create storylines then abandon them. Where’s Marilyn? How come no one ever asks about her? Where’s Irene? No concerns? Leah’s brain aneurysm that needed ‘immediate surgery’ last year? Going to be tricky shooting ‘one-armed’ Maddie until she goes.

    • Emily Symonds was on maternity leave. She has been seen filming at Palm Beach and I understand her character Marilyn will be back shortly.

    • harrypotter1994

      While I agree H&A does abandon storylines – the cancer story Belle was reporting on comes to mind – in this case most of these storylines are playing out. John was with Marilyn overseas after her illness/injury and he has since returned and mentioned she is better and back travelling. Olivia, John & Hunter have been worried about Irene but the creepy guy keeps on sending messages off of Irene’s phone to throw everyone. I don’t remember Leah’s every being played out.

  7. It is about time they introduced a family block, but I can’t understand why they just won’t make it a normal family of a mother, father and kids…. Home and Away really need to try and bring it back to its roots…

  8. The show can certainly do with new blood. The producers obviously agree having got rid of three characters recently. Kyle in jail, Hannah & Oscar killed off and story lines leading to the departure of several more. (Andy, Josh, Ricky?) Keeping the program fresh is no doubt the key to the success of this 28 year old TV staple.

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