Josh Lawson to play Paul Hogan

Cast announced for Seven's miniseries on a classic Aussie comedian.


Actor Josh Lawson (House of Lies, Anchorman 2) will play Paul Hogan in the Seven miniseries, produced by FremantleMedia.

Ryan Corr will play John ‘Strop’ Cornell and Justine Clarke plays Noelene Hogan.

Also cast are Sean Keenan as a young Hogan, Laura Gordon as Linda Kowalski, Marny Kennedy as a young Noelene and Nikki Osborne as Delvene Delaney.

Filming is underway in Brisbane.

“He’s a true blue bloke, a genuinely kind spirit and a generous man,” Lawson told News Corp.

“I hope this miniseries will reflect his spirit — the spirit of someone who cared deeply about this country and did a lot for it. He really represents whatever the quintessential Aussie is in a lot of ways.”

When Seven’s miniseries first made news (along with an Olivia Newton-John bio) it emerged that Nine was also pursuing similar projects, which in turn saw FremantleMedia hitting the accelerator.

The miniseries is yet to have a name revealed.

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