Last ever Lewis helps Seven to Wednesday win


You probably didn’t get the memo but the last ever Lewis episode played out on 7TWO last night. At 319,000 viewers it topped multichannels.

While it was the end of 9 seasons for Lewis, it was some 30 years ago that Kevin Whately first appeared as Robbie Lewis in Inspector Morse. 7TWO may never be the same without him.

Meanwhile MasterChef won its slot for TEN ahead of House Rules and The Hunt. TEN did particularly well in the Demos, with Shark Tank nabbing second.

Mad as Hell lifted from last week, but Bleak was down on Eddie Perfect’s pilot a week ago.

Seven network won Wednesday with 29.3% then Nine 24.8%, TEN 22.9%, ABC 17.2% and SBS 5.8%.

Seven News was #1 with 1.14m / 1.06m for Seven followed by House Rules (834,000), Home and Away (770,000), The Chase (679,000 / 477,000) and Criminal Minds (590,000 / 393,000).

Nine News (1.02m / 966,000) led for Nine then A Current Affair (850,000), David Attenborough’s The Hunt (633,000) and Hot Seat (627,000). NRL Footy Show (231,000 in 2 cities) while movie: Four Weddings and a Funeral was just 184,000 in 3 cities.

MasterChef Australia topped TEN’s night with 948,000. The Project was 682,000 / 515,000, Shark Tank drew 636,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 538,000 but Madam Secretary bowed out on just 229,000.

ABC News (858,000) was best on ABC then 7:30 (665,000), Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell (664,000), QI (517,000), Bleak (380,000), Antiques Roadshow (340,000) and Would I Lie to You? (312,000).

On SBS it was 24 Hours in Emergency (261,000), Armada: 12 Days to Save England (223,000), SBS World News (130,000) and Bosch (105,000).

Today: 334,000
Sunrise: 333,000
ABC News Breakfast: 99,000 / 56,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 25 May 2016


  1. I thought the plot for Bleak was absoluelty woeful and cringeworthy. Jean Kitson on the other hand is a great comedy actress who has had some lousy roles.
    Surely we can do better than this particularly if you are a comedy writer and only have to write 1 episode.

    • Second half was better than the first for me, when the family appeared and it became more and more absurd. We should note it’s not about writing just 1 episode, but setting up a world which is very tricky. Ronny Chieng still best for me.

      • Yes, agree Ronny’s is still the best so far, closely followed by Eddie’s.
        Didn’t mind Bleak and could see the pilot sustain a whole series but Kate McLennan is definitely an acquired taste and can be pretty irritating at times.
        As a fan of The Katering Show, I “get her” though I imagine many people wouldn’t.
        Jean Kitson was magnificent as usual and Kate McCartney is very good – reminds me of a young Judith Lucy.

  2. Being a fan of the Katering Show, I was looking forward to Bleak, but it was seriously disappointing (but at least it managed to avoid bodily functions). Being able to write a sketch show for YouTube is different from being able to write a sitcom.

    My ratings (out of 5) so far for the ABC pilots:

    Ronny Chieng – 3
    The Letdown – 2
    The Legend of Gavin Tanner – 1
    The Future is Expensive – 2.5
    Bleak – 2

    Let’s hope Moonman is good. I can’t believe these are the best the ABC can do. Someone out there must be capable of writing a comedy that is actually, you know, funny (unless the ABC is enforcing a “no jokes” comedy policy).

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