MasterChef dominates Thursday

Ratings: From 7:30pm last night TEN completely dominated the competition -so why didn't it win the night? Here's why.

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From 7:30pm last night, TEN completely dominated the competition.

MasterChef was the night’s top show at 1.11m and another 854,000 for its masterclass. Gogglebox then took the lead from 9:40pm with another 530,000 viewers. In the demos last night TEN killed it, including all top 4 rankings in 18-49 year olds and it won the Primary channel.

So why did it come third for the night? Multichannels.

TEN was let down by its performance on ELEVEN and ONE and also has one less multichannel than its competitors. It’s a victory for TEN to win the Primary channels as it did last night but nigh on impossible to claim the night when its multichannels are lagging.

Meanwhile Seven News pipped Nine News but ACA won its slot. Kitchen Cabinet and Rake did good business for ABC while SBS cooking shows are getting crushed by TEN.

Nine network won Thursday with a 27.0% share then Seven 25.3%, TEN 24.2%, ABC 18.1% and SBS 5.5%.

Nine News was 1.06m / 983,000 for Nine then A Current Affair (865,000), RBT (645,000), Hot Seat (583,000), The Footy Show (383,000 in 3 cities). Movie: Four Weddings and a Funeral was just 135,000 in 2 cities.

Seven News (1.09m / 1.01m) was best for Seven then Home and Away (754,000), The Chase (696,000 / 455,000), Highway Patrol (503,000). Movie: Knocked Up was just 162,000.

MasterChef Australia was #1 for TEN with 1.11m / 854,000. The Project was 657,000 / 453,000, Gogglebox concluded with 530,000 and TEN Eyewitness News was 485,000.

ABC News (759,000), 7:30 (676,000), Kitchen Cabinet (653,000), Rake (626,000), Utopia (325,000) and Antiques Roadshow (315,000) comprised ABC’s Thursday.

On SBS it was Poh and Co. (176,000), Made in Italy with Silvia Colloca (162,000), SBS World News (128,000), Gourmet Farmer (127,000), noma Australia (122,000). Follow the Money was just 72,000.

You know it. Shaun the Sheep ruled multichannels with 276,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 26 May 2016

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  1. Final episode of gogglebox was a bit obsessed with channel 7 and their crap love reality programs last night. Their coverage of the project milk story and the feed were much more interesting. I will watch it when it returns later in the year.

    1. I think Gogglebox has been a bit obsessed with 7 Year Switch throughout the whole series. Pretty sure last night was the fourth episode in a row that has featured it. I normally love Gogglebox, but wasn’t that impressed with last nights episode. Not sure why, maybe because I didn’t laugh as much as I normally do. Like you, I did find those other stories interesting, and will still watch when it returns. It’s one of the few shows my 16 year old watches with me.

  2. TEN have been talking about rebranding ONE since January 2014 ( http://tvtonight.com.au/2014/01/programmers-wrap-2014-ten.html ) but have never been game enough to actually do it. I feel like they have just spent so much time on getting their primary channel competitive that they have ignored the issues they have with their multichannels. Granted, the line-up of ELEVEN is far better than GO which is basically a movie channel during primetime, but they really need more promotion and identity to get viewers to be dedicated. The only reason I can think of for not rebranding ONE is that they will lose their Top 20 ratings if they drop their M*A*S*H* repeats.

  3. I’m surprised that Ten doesn’t tap into Foxtel’s content more given their 15% holding. It would make sense for Ten to broadcast Fox8 via a FTA multichannel as a way of giving Foxtel a FTA platform.

    1. I’m noticing more Fox8 content on Eleven lately with Fresh of the Boat, and Jane the Virgin about to start. I assume the rights are still in place where there is a 12 month delay for FTA even if they are a joint venture.

  4. An absolute cracker episode of Rake last night.
    Was concerned that it was beginning to “jump the shark” towards the end of S3 and would have been a good idea to wrap it up then.
    But last night it was back to its very best and Cleaver was in particularly fine form.

  5. Glad MC won so well. I went to the Fete Team Challenge along with my eldest daughter who got on the list of folk asked to attend. The 3 judges have great camaraderie, chemistry and what you see is very natural. All of them including Nigella spent a huge amount of time talking to everyone and taking selfies, no egos or sense of self importance. Their comments on the food produced, accurately reflected its quality. So in my view, there is very little pretence with this show, sure the music and editing may create a little tension, but overall its genuine…

      1. Nothing secret or confidential, there were a couple of 1000 there, too many to control. The result of the challenge was filmed after all had gone home. It was a nice pleasant afternoon at the Melbourne showgrounds in January. We clearly saw some of the top 18, but nothing that would be likely to spoil anything

        1. I was there there too and have been to one before. I believe the only stipulation on the invite I received was that any photos not be used on social media before airing. They are good fun and you don’t have to buy the food but they are fundraisers for a selected charity.

  6. Why don’t they air both Footy Shows on the same night and time, then they can fix up their schedule. Not that I watch Nine, let alone the Footy Show, but it would make more sense to have them both on Wednesday, freeing up Thursday for more Big Bang repeats or whatever Nine has to offer.
    Shame Gogglebox has wrapped up already, a few more episodes would have been nice. I wonder if TEN are mulling over another multichannel? Their current ones are pretty lame, Nine has the cheap lifestyle content, 7 has 7flix without many Flix, and ABC has kids. What else can they offer to broaden the offerings? I’d be keen for a first run express Drama channel, with classic drama and soap during the day.

      1. You couldn’t really move the AFL footy show to wednesday as the clubs/AFL release their team lists for the weekend early Thursday evening. I can’t see the AFL changing this for ch9 who don’t have the broadcast rights

        1. From mid june there are four weeks of afl matches scheduled on thursday night and are airing on 7 so the footy show will move to wednesday as they aren’t going to compete with life afl on 7. Otherwise the afl footy show can’t really be moved due to team announcements being early thursday evening as others have said. The NRL footy show used to on thursday nights until they introduced thursday night NRL hence the changed schedule. Next week there is state of origin anyway so nrl footy show is back to thursday night.

    1. Ch10 need a real point of difference to the other networks for a multichannel and I have the answer………softcore adult movies……there’s an old saying that sex sells……sure they could show ‘old’ safe soaps during the day and then the evening could get hot and salacious

  7. I watched Masterchef for the first time in a long time last night. That Nigella guess the cake challenge was quite entertaining! All three cooks yesterday did a good job in the challenge, better than I would have done. Good on Brett for guessing the moon cake correctly.

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