More Home and Away specials for Presto


Presto has commissioned two more Home and Away special events following its success with Home and Away: An Eye for an Eye last December.

Seven will produce two specials featuring current and returning cast members to screen in late 2016.

Presto CEO Shaun James said: “This exciting news continues Presto’s ongoing commitment to providing Australian streamers with exclusive premium local content. In its first 24 hours, Home and Away: An Eye for an Eye broke through all day one streaming records on Presto, both complementing and extending Australia’s most-loved TV drama.

“We are excited to once again partner with Seven Productions to provide Presto customers with more must-see Home and Away content. As Australia’s most iconic drama, we’re privileged that we have permission to put beloved characters at the centre of TV’s new revolution and we look forward to the world premiere of these special events later this year.”

Julie McGauran. Head of Drama at Seven Network added: “We are thrilled to head back into production to further develop multiple special event instalments of Home and Away for Presto.”

Casting and plot information for each special will be announced soon.


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