1. Secret Squïrrel

    Yes! Glad to see that Slater’s character is still there. Must make a note to re-watch S1 in June.

    The vision of Obama is from some prev press conference with a fake super and zoomed to crop out the station ID. The first 2 lines that he says are rather generic and obviously refer to something other than the events in Mr Robot. There’s a rather clever bit where he seems to possibly say “Tyrell Wellick” but is actually saying something else. The bit where he mentions fsociety but we don’t see any vision is either a voice actor or prob just soundbytes edited together. The last bit – “…engaged in this attack” – he was actually referring to the cyber attack by North Korea on Sony.

    and that the sound has been edited together from stuff he said about other things

    • Secret Squïrrel

      Ignore that last line above – left over editing fragment.

      David, I know you’re not keen on links but I though that this was both cool and relevant. It shows substantially more vision of Obama apparently saying the whole spiel.

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