Noni Hazlehurst inducted into Hall of Fame


Noni Hazlehurst has been inducted into the Logies Hall of Fame, as only the second woman to join its ranks.

She was acknowledged for her work on The Sullivans, Play School, and A Place to Call Home. There were tributes from Andrew MacFarlane, John Waters, John Hamblin, Ernie Dingo, Abbi Earl, Shane Bourne, Brett Climo, Jack Thompson and Cate Blanchett.

The Palladium room rose to its feet as she took centrestage.

“I think to myself as a storyteller,” she said….. “I’ve always tried to find stories that resonated on a  human and empathetic level.

“I have been incredibly lucky,” she said attributing her career to 50% work and 50% luck.

“I fear that our hearts are growing cold,” she said. “The fact that I’m only the second woman to be given this honour is merely a reflection of the prevailing guard. As the suggestion has been made in some quarters the eligibility of esteemed colleagues Waleed Aly and Lee Lin Chin going for Gold is questionable. Things are changing. They’re changing slowly.

She re-affirmed her commitment to Children’s Television and child audiences and called on networks to support programmes that unify child audiences.

Congrats Noni!

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  1. Secret Squïrrel

    Great news. Thanks for pushing this issue over the years, David. Thankfully Reg Grundy has already been inducted so there is the chance that another well-deserving woman will get the nod next year.

  2. daveinprogress

    Great choice. I had forgotten quite how prolific her acting career is. Added to 2 AFI wins for Best Actress for Monkey Grip and Fran. I had also forgotten that she was a noted recording artist and singer.

  3. This is fantastic and about time. Now induct the rest of the amazing woman who deserve to be there. The hall of fame needs an overhaul, If someone passes away who had a huge role in Australian television they should be inducted automatically with a special program honoring them and inducted them into the hall of fame. 1 man 1 woman and a tv show should be inducted each year. there are many tv shows no longer on the air that had a huge part in Australian tv and launched many careers, Prisoner, Play School, Hey Hey it’s Saturday, In Melbourne Tonight, Midday. the lists are endless.

  4. Finally.
    I loved her on PlaySchool and the only reason why I watched BetterHomesandGardens was because of her and I stopped when she left.
    Well Done

  5. I wish they didn’t tamper with the scenes they showed of her older work, to fit the current tv screens. I would’ve liked to have had a proper look at them, especially the one’s from The Sullivans.

  6. Maev....Sydney

    Thank you for posting so quickly David Knox….not watching…
    Very pleased with this…Noni is awesome…always loved her work…Playschool….Sharon on The Box…Better Homes & Gardens…(it was a great show back then)….Nancy Wake…the movie Fran…was gut wrenching…Well deserved…. 🙂

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