Renewed: Sleepy Hollow, Last Man Standing


US supernatural series Sleepy Hollow has been renewed for a fourth season.

While the drama about the legend of Ichabod Crane has fallen considerably from its premiere season, it is now averaging 4.8 million US viewers.

There is no word if season four will be its last.

Two seasons have aired in Australia on ELEVEN.

Meanwhile comedy series Last Man Standing, starring Tim Allen, has also been renewed for a sixth season. The show has now hit the 100-episode syndication point, and airs in Australia on ONE and FOX8.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. Great news about Last Man Standing – a favourite in our place. I just wish they would give it a permanent timeslot and stop moving it around the schedule.

  2. I only watch the first half of season 1 because John Noble was cast but that turned out to be the worst story. Tom Mison is a good actor though.

  3. It looks like Eleven are showing Sleepy Hollow from the beginning daily at around 12:30-1 am (wednesday to saturday, as far as I can tell from the program guild).

  4. David is there any chance next time you’re talking to ELEVEN’s programmer if they intend to show Sleepy Hollow S3? It has been gone for so long, and was really annoying when Bones had the Sleepy Hollow crossover. Also, on that note, whatever happened to Bones? It aired like 6-8 episodes before Seven pulled it with no word.

    • carolemorrissey

      Yeah, I’ve been wondering what happened with Bones too. 7 just pulled it for no reason. 10 have done the same with Limitless. It only has 2 episodes left. So annoying when they do that.

      • Thanks heaps for letting me know about Bones! And I agree, absolutely ridiculous that TEN pulled Limitless 2 episodes from the end. The worst part is, TEN is the reliable network, so pulling Limitless is really unlike them. Usually they only do that when it is a ratings bomb and they haven’t got a late night timeslot for it (but it was already in late night so a real shock).

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