Returning: 20 to One


The new-look 20 to One hosted by Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald and Michael “Wippa” Wipfli begins later this month on Nine.

The revamped clip series, formerly hosted by Bert Newton, begins 7:30pm Tuesday, May 31st, kicking off with “Viral Sensations of the Internet Age.” Will that include Waleed Aly?

Fitzy and Wippa will take aim at everything from Epic Fails, Outrageous Sports Stars, 15 Minutes of Fame and Celebrity OMG Moments to the Wildest Commercials, with guest commentators giving their candid, witty and revealing insights each week.

Episode one of 20 to One looks at the biggest and best Viral Sensations of the internet age – the ones that took us on a hilarious and captivating journey. From Gangnam Style and its 2.8 billion YouTube views to the star-studded ice bucket challenge and the bizarre trends of “planking” and “unboxing”.

A cavalcade of personalities and stars such as Sharon Osbourne, Lindsay Lohan, Gene Simmons, Martina Navratilova, Jack Gleeson, Sylvia Jeffreys, Jackie O, Tracy Grimshaw, Kevin Rudd, Dami Im, Beau Ryan, Jason Akermanis and Gyton Grantley will deliver their verdict on the fads and the famous that come and go at warp speed today.

Fasten your seatbelts when Fitzy and Wippa take over the driver’s seat on this wild ride through the weird world of pop culture. We’re not exactly sure what’s going to happen!


  1. If it’s anything like making radio commercials, Fitzy and Who could knock over the voice links for the whole series in an afternoon, even allowing for wardrobe changes. One script read-through and they’re off!
    Another use for the Google service, “clips to order”. TV on the cheap.
    YouTube showing 20-1 showing YouTube…

  2. The press release is so hilariously out of touch, I could swear it was satire. This is almost as bad as the recent ads for Hungry “No added hormones? No wonder the burgers taste so good!” Jacks.

  3. Even the press release is cringeworthy. Please tell me they mean Jack Gleeson as in some D-List Australian “celebrity” and not that the Jack Gleeson who plays Joffrey has inexplicably sunk to this incredible low.

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