Secrets and Lies: trailer

So here’s a rarity…. a trailer for a second US season of Secrets and Lies, which only lasted  one when it originated in Australia.

The only other show I can think of where an adaptation outlasts the local original is Wilfred.

The plan for our Secrets and Lies was always to shift to a new crime in S2, but maintaining its detective, played here by Anthony Hayes. It aired on TEN during a difficult period for the network and was crushed when rival reality shows began extending beyond the 60 minute barrier.

The ABC version will stick to the concept with Det. Andrea Cornell, played by Juliette Lewis, returning for a new case.

This time around she investigates Eric Warner (Michael Ealy), a well-educated newlywed and heir apparent to his family’s private equity firm in Charlotte, N.C. While attending a party to honour his dad’s (Terry O’Quinn) retirement, Eric’s wife (Jordana Brewster) is murdered and he quickly becomes the focus.

Brisbane’s Hoodlum Entertainment remain as producers on the project, with Kapital Entertainment and ABC Studios.


  1. Secret Squïrrel

    The Aus Secrets and Lies may have aired during a (self-inflicted) difficult period for Ten but it was also terrible with an unbelievable plot, stupid dialogue, poor direction, and Home and Away style acting. I haven’t seen the US version so can’t comment altho’ I do like Juliette Lewis (sorry, Poss).

    • Don’t be sorry, i agree the whole show consisted of a shirtless Henderson running around playing super detective and blaming the neighbours, red herrings .

  2. To be fair, the only interesting person in the Australian version was Anthony Hayes. I did watch 1 episode of the American version and it was just as bad! Lewis being the main offender her voice is so annoying and for some reason she can’t move her face. The American version also went for 10 episodes compared to 6 here, so they put in more filler, a water boarding scene? It could have been concluded in 3 episodes.

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