1. If you don’t like Seven Year Switch, you don’t have to watch it! It’ll be back next year based on those ratings in a later timeslot

    As for The Project, Facebook views are all good and well but it’s a TV program – and Facebook/Youtube views etc. are easily inflated.

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    For some reason Catalyst was a repeat last night. Interesting that more people watched than last week. Gave Murder Detectives a look but couldn’t get into it. Basically another non-FTA TV night for me.

  3. Good to see The Project over 600k. Waleed’s story last night on The Dairy farming crisis has nearly 2 Million views on Facebook alone. Waleed won the Gold Logie for a reason. To get 2 million views on a story that most would consider boring and not sexy, a story that all politicians are trying to ignore is why Waleed rocks.

  4. Aussiecam58

    I was forced to watch 7yr Switch. What a load of rubbish. They indicated a couple were going to call it quits but they did not happen even. Some seemed to drag out n it all seemed to be camera rehearsed to me.

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