SKY News election channel: guide


SKY News has officially kicked off its 2016 Election coverage, triggered by Malcolm Turnbull’s announcement of a July 2 election date.

The award-wining SKY NEWS Political team immediately swung into action with Chief Political Reporter Kieran Gilbert and Ashleigh Gillon anchoring rolling in-depth analysis featuring a who’s who of Australia’s leading political commentators including Peta Credlin, Michael Kroger, Peter Beattie, Grahame Morris and Simon Banks. While SKY NEWS anchor Laura Jayes was with Opposition Leader Bill Shorten.

From now until July 2 SKY NEWS will provide Australia’s most comprehensive and must-see political news coverage, commentary and analysis from an unprecedented line-up of political insiders.

From SKY NEWS Political Editor David Speers and the award-winning Canberra political team, to leading commentators Paul Murray, Peter Beattie, Peter Reith, Kristina Keneally, Alan Jones, Patricia Karvelas and Andrew Bolt, SKY NEWS has the biggest names on the Australian political landscape providing unmatched insight this election year.

In 2016 former Liberal party Chief of Staff, Peta Credlin exclusively joins SKY NEWS as a Political Contributor.

Unrivalled multi-channel and multi-platform coverage of Election 2016 on SKY NEWS:

SKY NEWS LIVE (Channel 601)

• First Edition with Kieran Gilbert and Brooke Corte: Monday to Friday at 5:00am
• AM Agenda with Kieran Gilbert: Monday to Friday at 8:30am
• News Now with Helen Dalley: Monday to Friday at 10:00am
• PVO News Day with Peter van Onselen: Monday to Thursday at 12:00pm
• To The Point with Kristina Keneally and Peter van Onselen: Monday to Thursday at 1:30pm
• PM Agenda with David Speers: Daily at 4:00pm
• The Last Word: Monday to Thursday at 5:30pm
• The Latest with Laura Jayes: Monday to Friday at 6:00pm
• The Bolt Report with Andrew Bolt: Monday to Friday at 7:00pm
• Viewpoint with Chris Kenny: Mondays, Fridays and Sundays at 8:00pm
• Jones & Co with Alan Jones and Mark Latham: Tuesdays at 8:00pm
• Beattie & Reith with Peter Beattie and Peter Reith: Wednesdays at 8:00pm
• Speers Tonight with David Speers: Thursdays at 8:00pm
• Paul Murray LIVE: Monday to Friday at 9:00pm
• Pyne & Marles with Christopher Pyne and Richard Marles: Saturdays at 8:30am
• Weekend Live with Ashleigh Gillon: Saturdays and Sundays at 10:00am
• Saturday Live with Janine Perrett: Saturdays at 9:00pm
• Australian Agenda with Peter van Onselen: Sundays at 8:30am
• Sunday Live with Janine Perrett: Sundays at 9:00pm

SKY NEWS ELECTION CHANNEL (Channel 606 and 648)

A dedicated election channel featuring LIVE 24-hour coverage of news conferences, policy announcements and events in the lead up to Australia’s Federal Election and the US Presidential Election in November. The SKY NEWS ELECTION CHANNEL also features comprehensive coverage of the UK EU Referendum taking place on June 23.

With access to the world’s leading international news services and programs from SKY NEWS UK, C-SPAN, CBS News and ABC World News in America, the SKY NEWS ELECTION CHANNEL provides an unprecedented insight into the political issues as they unfold across some of the world’s most powerful nations.

Also features encore presentations from the stellar SKY NEWS political program and opinion line-up including AM Agenda with Kieran Gilbert, PM Agenda with David Speers, Paul Murray LIVE, The Latest with Laura Jayes, Beattie & Reith and The Bolt Report.

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