TEN continues Northern NSW affilate deal with Southern Cross


TEN and Southern Cross have signed a new 5 year affiliation agreement for the supply of TEN programming for the Northern NSW television licence area.

This arrangement will see Southern Cross continue to broadcast TEN titles such as MasterChef Australia, The Bachelor, Offspring and the Big Bash League into areas including Gosford, Newcastle, Lismore, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Coffs Harbour, Tamworth and Taree.

The new agreement from 1 July 2016 is for an increased licence fee to that applying under the previous TEN / SCA affiliation agreement, which expires on 30 June 2016.

TEN Chief Executive Officer, Paul Anderson, said: “We are pleased to continue our relationship with SCA and renew the affiliate agreement for Northern NSW. SCA are a valued broadcast partner and we believe the outcome from these discussions collectively benefits both companies.”

SCA CEO, Grant Blackley, said: “We‘re thrilled we will continue broadcasting TEN programs to the viewers of Northern NSW under this new agreement. Our broadcast into the Northern NSW licence area, with centres including Gold Coast, Newcastle, Coffs Harbour, Lismore, Tamworth and Taree, will continue to deliver high value for our advertising clients.”

Earlier this week there were reports WIN TV has held talks with Southern Cross about buying its northern NSW assets.

Further announcements in relation to affiliation agreements involving TEN in other regional areas
are expected to be made shortly.


  1. Locking NRN into a more expensive renewed affiliation with TEN will make it more expensive for WIN or anyone else to buy after the 75% Audience Reach Rule is abolished if as long rumoured NEC and SCA merge and have to sell NRN. Puts pressure on WIN to sign up for the same 50% rate it appears now for AMA, AMC and AMD markets. As usual WIN will play their silly games of bluff up until 11:59pm on June 30. Bruce may well have no option other than to shut down WIN in those markets being it would be borderline uneconomic paying a higher affiliation rate for the 3rd rating metro network and not being able to close existing local news commitments when the new media laws actually pass.

    • Did you read the article? The press release says “Further announcements in relation to affiliation agreements involving TEN in other regional areas are expected to be made shortly.” Obviously its referring to WIN

  2. @freddie…WIN has never broadcast into Nth NSW… more importantly WIN lost an affilation 3 weeks ago and still no announcement… SCA have managed to do both…whats WIN executive doing? I know Bruce left the country earlier this week…. so whats the exec team doing? Ive seen the announcement soon message for days now…

  3. So WIN TV has nothing in North NSW. I guess they would want their deal with TEN to work for other areas or WIN will be off the airwaves

    • WIN has never had anything in Northern NSW. Nine programs are carried by Nine-owned NBN Newcastle from northern Sydney to the Gold Coast.

    • Win television is the largest television network in the country I doubt very much it will ever fold ..it broadcasts to the largest tV audience of any network .

      • Huh?
        Nine reaches 18 million, Seven 17 million and Ten aroune 16 million. Southern Cross reaches 7 million and WIN just under 6 million.

        It’s not even close to being the largest network or reaching the largest audience

  4. “Orange, Dubbo”? Was this region not included in their deal with Nine? “the Northern NSW licence area” doesn’t include the Western NSW region.

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