The Voice, Adele give Nine strong Monday win

Ratings: Music wins over cooking and renovation for a second night, with House Rules fourth in its timeslot.



Last night saw The Voice, MasterChef and House Rules all kick off from 7:30 but The Voice fended off timeslot competition by holding at 1.41m viewers. Paired with an Adele special, Nine enjoyed a very strong primetime share.

MasterChef dipped slightly from Sunday, at 949,000 down from 1.01m while House Rules fell from 830,000 to a worrying 666,000 -fourth in its timeslot.

Even ABC was caught in the crossfire last night with its earlier shows 7:30 and Australian Story trailing their later offerings.

Nine network won with 31.2% then Seven 24.1%, TEN 20.0%, ABC 19.7% and SBS 4.9%.

Following The Voice for Nine were Nine News (1.15m / 1.11m), A Current Affair (1.11m), Adele Live in New York City (830,000) and Hot Seat (646,000). Footy Classified drew 217,000 in 3 cities.

Seven News (1.16m / 1.09m) was best for Seven then Home and Away (755,000), The Chase (688,000 / 466,000), House Rules (666,000) and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (478,000).

Masterchef Australia (949,000) led for TEN. The Project drew 636,000 / 482,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 529,000 and Movie: X-Men Days of Future Past was 415,000.

ABC News (855,000), Four Corners (797,000), Media Watch (756,000), 7:30 (709,000), Australian Story (683,000) and Q&A (555,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Michael Mosley: Trust Me I’m a Doctor (276,000), SBS World News (141,000) and Royal Navy School (136,000). Kebab Kings was 78,000.

ABC2’s Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom ruled multichannels with 282,000.

Today: 328,000
Sunrise: 321,000
ABC News Breakfast: 95,000 / 38,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 2 May 2016

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    1. It’s better to keep Long Lost Family on Wed for the last 2 eps (albeit an hour later) so the loyal fans who’ve stuck with it can find it, rather than have to chase it around the schedule, while hoping to expose it to a few new viewers flowing from MC.

      Madam Secretary is lucky to have lasted at 8:30 mid-week with dire ratings under 400k for weeks now – 10 will no doubt want to get Offspring on as soon as possible.

  1. Great Four Corners about the property market last night. When lots of people end up living on the street or in debtors prison they can tell their cellmate they were watching Master Chef or The Voice so were completely ignorant of what was going own around them 😉

    What happened to How To Get Away With Murder??

    1. Yep totally agree that Four Courners was great last night. Forget about reality TV, when the real reality of over inflated property prices kicks in we’ll need the government to do a house rules and pay off most of Sydney and melbournes property market.

    2. Four Corners was mildly interesting at best, but to say people are ignorant to the housing issue without watching this show is pretty ignorant in itself; Home ownership, death of the Aussie Dream, Investors and Developers vs First Home Buyers, they’re some of the most documented stories in the media year after year! I mean, walking around Melbourne buildings and commenting on the amount of lights being on as a barometer to home ownership added very little to the story, just like linking viewership to other shows on at the same time to ignorance of the housing market.

      1. When Channel Seven Melbourne spends at least 10 minutes every Saturday covering house auctions as if they’re presenting lotto and one presenter on talkback radio practically sends birthday greetings to land developers it’s good to see an alternative view of the real estate boom.

    3. I watched both Masterchef and Four Corners – both were great. At least Masterchef will inspire people to cook good food at home when they can no longer afford to dine out in the event of a property crash.

    1. House rules always bounce back after the spinning chair show. I am always amazed that it captures an audience every year and then ends on a whimper, whereas HR is usually the opposite trend. If HR doesn’t increase then 9 will start worrying about the Block too….

    2. No! Seven Have invested alot into their House Rules Brand, if anything they will whip out a new marketing push if needed. If im not corrected, I understand they have the next series on the Shelf, so they wouldn’t want that going to waste. I also agree that The Voice has a strong Start and an Ok Final but it’s the middle weeks of the Show that House Rules & Masterchef may be able to capture.

  2. We have been fans of HR for some time but they are making very hard to watch-90 sec recap-3 min of new footage- 90 sec preview of whats to come-3min add break repeat for 90 minutes.
    Its brutal, we keep flicking away & coming back trying to catch something new. Enough with the recap preview rubbish already. I don’t watch MKR but assume its a similar format, how the hell does that rate so well if your forever watching the same thing?!?

    1. I watch it once a week on a Sunday and get the whole reveal and the weeks renovation dramas. I manage to skip even the rehash before and after the ad breaks. So I think I crammed the whole week into an hour.

      1. Same here, but I even skip the dramas. Only watch the unveiling of the ‘house rules’ and then the judging. Even FF some of the filler that goes with the score reveals. Have it down to just over half an hour.

    2. “how the hell does that rate so well if your forever watching the same thing?”
      This is a question I have asked myself for many years. The recap-new-preview thing has been used for a long time in reality and fly-on-the-wall shows but perhaps it’s getting worse. It’s a standard technique for stretching 10 mins of material over half an hour, or 30 min over 1½ hours. This is why so many people who persevere with these shows, record them and ffwd thru the filler and ads.

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