1. Hey David
    Random question. With the Morning Show, Today Extra & Studio 10 what do the figures refer too? First hour? Second hour? How they are coded?
    Who beat who and when?
    I should know I read your blog enough… Just not sure.

    • They are ranked as highest / lowest regardless of coding. The Morning Show and Today Extra usually codes 9-11 then a second number for final half hour. Studio 10 codes its first hour 8:30-9:30 which is usually the lower number. It rates better from 9:30-11:30 because it isn’t up against Sunrise / Today where it lifts off a very low base.

  2. Elizabeth H

    Did Quantico air last night? Wanted to watch it on Plus7 today but has not been added. Also not available on iTunes making me think it did not air on 7 last night??

          • Elizabeth H

            Probably not. It is hard to follow them sometimes. If it wasn’t for you your readers wouldn’t have a clue what is going on with 7 dramas. I have recently turned to Netflix for much of my US viewing so 7 might miss out on my loyalty. I have watched everything from Desperate Hosewives, Brothers & Sisters, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice to the new shows like HTGAWM and Quantico on 7 but fear next year I may no longer tune into their new offerings. Especially given they don’t make it very appealing.

  3. After The Voice I watched 2 episodes of Mad Men on SBS On Demand. Every time there was an ad break “this video is unavailable” came up so the whole 90 minutes was ad free. Way to go SBS!!

    • Lucky… My 2011 smart TV SBS OnDemand app goes to commercial and then comes back with “Cannot find video” to something to that effect, so I can’t watch the rest of the show. Same thing on a 2013 Sony Smart TV. iPad apps works fine, but I would much rather watch on the big screen.

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