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Actor Scott Burgess, best known for Water Rats and 1915, died recently, aged 56.


Actor Scott Burgess, best known for Water Rats and 1915, died recently, aged 56.

He died earlier this month following a heart attack.

Burgess shot to fame in ABC’s acclaimed WWI miniseries 1915, alongside Scott McGregor. But his first role was in the film Dead Easy after being talent spotted whilst working in a club.

He went on to feature in Kings, The Great Bookie Robbery, The Dirtwater Dynasty, Inside Running, GP, Tracks of Glory, Heartbreak High and Above the Law.

He played Senior Sgt. Dave McCall, one of the police divers, in four seasons of Nine’s Water Rats.

Burgess also appeared in 2009’s Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities.

Other film credits included With Prejudice and Just Us.

In 2008 he told A Current Affair he felt his acting career had been cut short, forcing him to work in a boat yard.

He once said of working on Water Rats, “I was very eager to get the role.

“I thought a quality television series that would be in production for a while would give me the chance to sharpen myself up and refine my skills. It’s an ambitious shooting schedule. They shoot quickly so you have to be prepared. It keeps you on your toes.”

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  1. Hi I’m one of the 4 children My father Scott Burgess had I would like to thank you for the unconditional support that everyone has given it really has meant a lot, and for the stuff that happened in 2008 it was all put to rest a long time ago. Dad and I had a great bond and knew that everyone loved him very much. Dad passed in our loving arm on the 6 of May 2016 I will miss dad forever. you will never be forgotten

    1. Hi Zac

      I am so saddened to read this. I met your dad on the goldcoast when he was looking for accommodation a house called Bryant place. He wS such a pleasure I enjoyed going to work just to have a chat he talked of his children with photos everywhere he loved you guys very much. He had a tough time before moving on . He made me smile. RIP Scott. This is so sad x

  2. I remember Scott from 1915 with the other Scott. Two leads. Scott Burgess and Scott McGregor. Two great young actors in a memorable mini series. A tragic life story for Scott Burgess. Gone too soon

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