WIN / TEN deal nears; appeal due in 9Now streaming case.

bruce gordon

WIN TV and TEN are about to announce their regional affiliate deal, according to media reports.

The Australian reports a 5 year deal could be announced as soon as today. WIN will pay TEN significantly less than the 50% revenue Southern Cross agreed to with Nine. But TEN will pick up additional markets through WIN, including Western Australia, South ­Australia, Mildura and Griffith.

Last week Southern Cross and TEN signed a deal for Northern NSW, where WIN does not have a presence.

Meanwhile the Australian Financial Review reports WIN will appeal the court decision it lost in its streaming case against Nine.

WIN will claim the decision was “failing to give the word ‘broadcast’ a sufficiently wide meaning and instead adopting a meaning which was unduly narrow” and “construing that clause in a manner which gave no real meaning to the word ‘exclusive’ which appears in that clause (2.1 of program supply agreement).”

No date has been set for the appeal.


  1. Why is WIN trying to relaunch the 9Now court case. It doesn’t apply to them anymore. Also if 9Now stops live streaming into regional markets then Mildura, regional WA and other areas that don’t have a Nine affiliate deal could have no access to Nine programmes completely.

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    “But TEN will pick up additional markets through WIN…”
    I think this needs some clarification as Ten is already broadcast in regional WA via Ten West (a Prime-WIN joint venture). I suspect it maybe something similar for the other areas.

  3. TEN announcement to the ASX this morning “TEN And WIN Network Announce New Program Supply Agreement. Ten Network Holdings (ASX: TEN) (“TEN”) today announced it had signed a new regional television affiliation agreement with WIN”.

  4. When the Nine/SC deal was announced full details were given such as SC using all Nine branding for the stations, the % of revenue shared (50%) and the intention to have local news hours with local, national and international news in composite bulletins.

    Will be interesting to see if WIN and Ten are forthcoming on any name / branding changes for the WIN stations switching to Ten, any logo change, the % revenue shared and plans for WIN News and possible timeslot change.

  5. Doesn’t TEN already have access to Griffith, Mildura and Mt Gambier through WIN or its joint ventures (Mildura Digital Telvision)?

    • What it is likely to entail (if Win does make the change), will be the legacy (i.e original, pre-38A licence) channels in Mt Gambier/Griffith, will become 10 affiliates. Currently both markets legacy channels (SES/RTS and MTN) are Nine affiliates.

    • I’m in Mildura and I think there is a consortium between Win Prime and TEN to have Ten programming here. I don’t know where we will sit in the big scheme of things with these latest moves. All a bit confusing. WIN discontinued its local news service a year or so ago. But of the last few weeks a short local content news has been shown in the first commercial break of the National Nine News.

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