Wolf Creek breaking Stan records


New locally-produced drama Wolf Creek is apaprently going gangbusters on Stan.

According to a report in The Australian it has clocked up more than 500,000 views since its release on Thursday, with 40,000 subscribers watching the entire six episodes.

Wolf Creek has broken all of our viewing records, and more than doubled our next best series,” Stan chief executive Mike ­Sneesby said, in comparison to Better Call Saul and Billions in their first four days of release.

Stan is now aiming to hit a million active subscribers — which is around the figure needed to break even — including free trials next year. It touts a 72 per cent conversion rate from free trials to paying subscribers.

Wolf Creek has attracted positive reviews and featured in pop-up bars in Sydney and Melbourne.


  1. Don’t particularly like the series, but this is great news! If you want to be in the content business you got to make your own in order to have any chance of survival.

    In terms of Netflix Vs Stan, now we seem to be in a Netflix original lull, I think Stan has the better pick of imports.

  2. I use both services and the biggest difference is the Netflix only shows like Daredevil & Jessica Jones. There are literally dozens of series and documentaries produced by Netflix that make it worthwhile.

  3. Yeah it’s unfortunate Stan isn’t as popular as Netflix and I hope it continues to grow. The only thing Netflix has over it is it’s brand and better device support.

  4. I’m surprised more people aren’t subscribers of Stan. It’s honestly far better than Netflix AU, and has a lot of local content and archival TV shows. I pray it continues to grow.

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