Airdate: Grand Designs New Zealand


In recent years ABC has had a policy of “no formats,” meaning it would not pick up local versions of shows that had been established overseas -something it has pulled back on of late.

In July it will screen the NZ adaptation of Grand Designs, produced by Fremantle Media Australia and Imagination Television. FMA also produces the well-regarded Grand Designs Australia for Foxtel.

Grand Designs New Zealand is hosted by Chris Moller and premiered on TV3 in October for 8 episodes.

Architects often say that building in New Zealand comes with two main challenges – it rains and it shakes.

But the weather and seismic activity also provide New Zealand with a wealth of dramatic landscapes, which in turn require creative approaches to building.

Combine this with a culture of DIY and you have the perfect fodder for the first New Zealand series of Grand Designs.

Hosted by architect Chris Moller, whose fascination with urbanism brings a new perspective on how building choices shape and reflect who New Zealanders are and how they want to live, Grand Designs New Zealand features a mix of fascinating stories of ambitious and innovative homebuilders trying to realise their dreams.

7:40pm Sunday July 17 on ABC.


  1. Not sure if I’ll watch this cause I don’t gravitate towards these kind of shows unless they are about tiny houses but this looks interesting. Its a maybe.

      • I’ve seen tiny house hunters and tiny house big living (9life currently airing season 2). I like both shows but not every episode as it really depends on the kind of tiny house and the people. I also liked tiny house luxury cause they had interesting designs. There was only 5 episodes and that aired on hgtv on the fetch box.

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