Archie Panjabi out for The Fall S3


UK actress Archie Panjabi won’t be appearing in the third season of the The Fall, starring Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan.

The former Good Wife star played pathologist Tanya Reed Smith in the first and second seasons.

“Sadly, the schedules didn’t work out with that, but I absolutely will be tuning in to watch it, as not only am I a fan of the show, I’m good friends with Gillian and very fond of Jamie [Dornan] and the team,” she tells Digital Spy.

“So I’m looking forward to that, which I think is out soon.”

The third season of The Fall will also be its last. Anderson was recently announced as joining upcoming Starz fantasy American Gods and could star in The X-Files if it is renewed.

Meanwhile Panjabi stars as Tory careerist Preeya in the upcoming UK political comedy Power Monkeys.


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