Australian Ninja Warrior coming to Nine


SBS previously considered a local version, but it is Nine that will proceed with Australian Ninja Warrior, based on the Japanese game show Sasuke.

The Japanese format, which began in 1997, sees 100 competitors attempt to complete four obstacle courses of increasing difficulty.

Endemol Shine will produce the Aussie version, which will join a range of 12 other international productions, including American Ninja Warrior.

Mark Fennessy, chief executive of Endemol Shine Australia described it as “fun, loud, high-octane family entertainment that would … appeal directly to Australia’s ‘have a go’ attitude.

Source: News Corp


  1. i like the American Version. I m looking forward to see this 1.
    Hey David i was thinking maybe Steve Willis aka The Commando could be attached to this show, as either host or commentator

  2. For some reason local versions never seem to work that well. Wipeout and Top Gear to name a couple. Even Britain’s Got Talent outrated the local version…

    • The Japanese version originally airs as a single long episode (~3 hours), and there’s two per year. As I understand it the international spinoffs have a format that is more suitable to weekly episodes.

  3. Australia never seems to get the viewers to these types of shows as they get in other countries, so many overseas programmes just take a nose dive after a couple of episodes and to me it looks like a similar show to what is coming on channel seven which I think its called Cannon or something similar with water events, why do channels have to keep copying all the time don’t they have any ideas of their own, but this seems to be a typical trait of channel nine over recent times.

      • The Things I've Seen.

        Ninja Warrior, as stated above is based on the Japanese show “Sasuke”, which debuted in 1997. Cannonball, is from The Netherlands and is only a couple of years old. It would appear that whilst these would fall into the same category of reality/sports/light entertainment competition, there is enough difference between the two. However I vote for a local version of Beat it.

        • Cannonball is nothing more than laugh at people falling in the water. Ninja Warrior has a strong format behind it with competitors that need strength and agility which earns the respect of the viewers. It isn’t some copycat format – it’s a local version of a 20 year old format which has found a new life internationally.

  4. Nine will no doubt be paying huge money for this show. Likely to go the way of Gladiators – good ratings for the first episode then gradually falls off the ratings cliff.

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