Caroline Wilson accepts (another) McGuire apology

Sports journalist and Footy Classified presenter Caroline Wilson has accepted an apology from Eddie McGuire.

“I thought it was vicious,” she said of McGuire’s ‘joke’ that she should be held under water.

“I thought there was venom,” she continued.

“I don’t think that it is a way, clearly now Eddie seems to finally from what we are hearing, understand, that that is not the way you take on a critic of your performance.”

But she also accepted the apology from the trio, consisting of McGuire The Footy Show‘s James Brayshaw and former coach Danny Frawley.

“He’s taken his time to get there but I think what he said tonight was absolutely acceptable and I really appreciate that he’s done it,” she said.

Meanwhile Holden has flagged the idea of withdrawing sponsorship of Collingwood Football Club.

“Holden categorically disapproves of Eddie McGuire’s inappropriate comments,” it said in a statement. “Holden is engaging with Collingwood to express our disappointment and discuss the future of our sponsorship.”

McGuire appeared in another apology on the club’s website.

“No person should ever feel uneasy or threatened in football’s family and for that I am deeply sorry and I apologise unreservedly to Caroline for putting her in that position,” he said.


  1. When is Caroline Wilson, going to start apologising for some garbage and rubbish stuff that she says about others.

    She’s nothing more than a disgrace to journalism, and should be sacked.

    • > a disgrace to journalism

      Who has won the AFL Players Association’s football writer of the year (1999) and the AFL Media Association’s most outstanding football writer and most outstanding feature writer (2000, 2003, 2005). She also won a Melbourne Press Club Quill Award in 2003; and journalist of the year in 2014. A lifetime achievement award from the Australian Sports Commission. Oh, and two Walkley Awards.

  2. It was a nice surprise to hear Julie Bishop’s comments on the matter.These days people are so fragile & we are not allowed to say what we are thinking without being condemned.Better out than holding it in.So much for the PC world.

  3. Carringbush

    It is not just the latest opinion piece suggesting Eddie step down. Caro always seems to include a reference about Collingwood to make a point so much so that many think she may have a vendetta against the club. All these faux outrage articles are actually quite sexist suggesting a woman aren’t equal.. This was a week old before a blogger from Sydney found and ran with it. If anyone, including Caro suggested paying more for someone to hold Eddie under a bit longer, this would not be an issue.

    • Remember CW referred to it a week ago, I believe on Footy Classified. Gillon McLachlan suggests the fact it took so long was a failure of all AFL. I thought Craig Hutchison fumbled his way through hosting it all a bit last night, if albeit he was sincere.

    • Carringbush, comments like this says we still have a long way to go. For a start no one, including Caro is paying to hold Eddie down. Caro doesn’t work like that. The thing you are missing is that comments like this are very different when it comes to women. The fact of nature is that there is a physical imbalance between Men and Women. I get really upset when I hear women tell me they are too afraid to go walking alone. An early morning female walker recently told me she gave it away because she got attacked by a male. All men should imagine what it would be like to be a woman and have to suffer domestic violence. I would be upset if I never had the freedom to go walking alone. This is my reason why comments that were made by Eddie and Co make me sick.

      • I recently went to a sports pub on my own because I wanted to watch my team play footy. A man struck up a conversation with me about the match and I realise he meant no harm but he kept making this big thing about me being a female in a bar watching a footy match alone. A man watching a footy match alone in a sports bar no one would bat an eyelid a woman shock horror.
        I was on a tram a while ago and a man tried to talk to me. I gave him the polite stranger response but did nothing to indicate any interest or to give him any idea that wanted to spend time with him. When I got off the tram he man got off at the same stop and followed me. I was lucky that I was in a public place and I had to yell a the guy to get away from me and stop following me.
        Does anyone need anymore examples of how things are different between men and woman? I have more.

    • >> Caro always seems to include a reference about Collingwood …she may have a vendetta against the club

      Or Essendon or Richmond – seriously, she’s a very good, even handed journalist.

      >> All these … articles are actually quite sexist

      I’m certain you watch television, but you seem to have escaped the domestic violence campaign ad. It begins with disrespect.

      >> If anyone.. suggested paying … to hold Eddie under a bit longer, this would not be an issue.

      But no one did. And still one woman is killed every week by a violent intimate partner.

  4. Yet she doesn’t think some of her articles are venomous or vicious, even when her victims say they are, and doesn’t apologies for them… Just to be clear, I am not discussing what Eddie said, I have an issue with Caroline and how she can play a villain and victim and expect the same rules to apply to both personas

    • They are totally different. The article that she wrote that apparently upset Eddie was an opinion column. It is what she is paid to do. She is not the villain, she never used violent language and is allowed an opinion. She does not play the victim, she was the victim. She never asked for any of this. Its not that hard to work out.

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