Duty of care ensures Adam ready for Voice live

Producers will use a 30 second delay to ensure Adam Ladell can perform without added pressure of Tourette's at Live shows.


An unusual predicament for The Voice producers has been carefully resolved to ensure 16 year old singer Adam Ladell is ready for the Live show on Monday.

The talented teen has Tourette’s syndrome and will perform with a 30 second delay -similar to talkback radio’s safety net- to avoid any vocal tics going to air beyond the PG timeslot.

It’s a rare situation for everyone involved, but the delay ensures duty of care and allows him to perform without added stress.

This week Ladell stole the limelight at a Voice launch party, but there are still 15 others also gunning for a place in the Finals.

The Voice airs Live at 7:30pm Monday and then moves to 7pm Sunday a week later.

A Nine spokesperson said audience voting would be via The Voice app, through Google and a 1902 number. There’s no Twitter voting -which should help prevent coaches drawing upon international fanbases for their singers.

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    1. yes there is a delay for “live tv”. it is generally only about 30 seconds, so they can “dump”/bleep the past few seconds out before it goes to air. Plus the show has to be sent up to the satellite and then back down to all the tv antennas for what we see. I used to go to the live big brother events every week and one week i decided to call home and the put on speaker what was being shown live and there was atleast a 30 second delay from what i saw to what was shown on the tv

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