Emmys rejects I am Cait for “documentary” category


Sorry Caitlyn Jenner.

The Emmys have ruled her E! series I Am Cait cannot be submitted under the Best Documentary or NonFiction Series category.

Instead it will have to try its luck under the Best Unstructured Reality Series category.

Competing in that category last year were Alaska: The Last Frontier, Intervention, Million Dollar Listing, Naked and Afraid, Wahlburgers and the category winner Deadliest Catch.

Both categories fall under the Creative Arts Emmy Awards rather than the Primetime Emmy Awards.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Thank goodness! It is such a typical manipulated reality show, has been such a disappointment. I had been naive enough to think it really was going to be a documentary which would have been so interesting and provided a great platform to help the public understand what issues transgender people face and for transgender people to see a positive reflection of themselves. Instead it’s Cait showing off her wardrobe and shouting down her ‘friends’. Thank goodness there have been other transgender women on the show who can offer their insight, it has been the one saving grace.

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