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Noni Hazlehurst, plus cast & creatives from Barracuda, Family Law and Ready for This to speak at industry summit.


Cast and creatives from such shows as Barracuda, The Family Law and Ready for This will appear at the 2016 Screen Futures Summit being held in Melbourne later this month.

Presented by the Australian Teachers of Media and The Australian Centre for the Moving Image from 30 June – 3 July, it will feature more than 100 sessions  of keynotes, panels, screenings, Q&A’s, masterclasses and workshops.

Logie Hall of Fame inductee Noni Hazlehurst will lead a session on Power and Influence in the Media, and what impact the current media landscape has on all of us, particularly children.

Summit Organiser Kate McCarthy Ficai said “We have crafted three dynamic days, packed with insightful and challenging discussions from local and international leaders around the future of media education, screen culture and content creation.

“This is a unique opportunity to hear directly from our Industry and to really dive in to the insights and questions our speakers pose as we navigate our way through our collective future. Screen Futures is for anyone working in the education and media sectors as well as general screen enthusiasts of all ages.”

The Screen Futures Summit will run for three days across two venues, ACMI and RMIT University. The quinquennial conference will provide exposure to contemporary thinking and practice in Film, Television, Media and Cultural Theory in relation to education and beyond. It will inspire and connect content makers, classroom teachers, educators and media lovers, through robust conversation and creative workshops with futures focused leaders.

Paul Wells, Director of the Animation Academy at Loughborough University in England, will deliver the Screen Futures Summit opening key note address looking at how the era of social media and digital culture has changed our world irrevocably, and how animation and moving images are now centre stage as we look to creative ideas to help make sense of it all. Paul has a long list of credits as a scholar, screenwriter and director of animation, comedy and animated documentary.

Other keynote speakers and sessions at the Summit include:

– Barracuda
Author and co-producer Christos Tsiolkas, will be joined by Elias Anton, lead actor in the new ABC TV series of Barracuda, and award-winning founder of Matchbox Pictures, Tony Ayres, to discuss the process of taking a novel to the screen and what they hope the series will bring to audiences later this year.

– Screening of the new documentary, Chasing Asylum
Followed by a Q&A with Oscar winning filmmaker, Eva Orner, live from New York, facilitated by Melbourne Barrister and human rights advocate, Julian Burnside (OA)

– The Family Law
Join the team from The Family Law, the family comedy of a unique, sprawling Chinese-Australian family, for a Q & A with Benjamin Law, Julie Eckersley, Andrew Arbuthnot and Moneth Montemayor.

– Ready For This Live Q&A with the cast and crew
A behind the scenes look at this contemporary Logie award-winning teen drama that tackles multiculturalism as it presents Indigenous Australian kids as part of the fabric of mainstream TV.

– Screen Culture, Identity and Diversity on Screen
Rousing audiences to a standing ovation, Miranda Tapsell accepted her 2015 Logie Award with the words, ‘Put more beautiful people of colour on TV and connect viewers in ways that transcend race and unite us.’ This is just one sign among many that the zeitgeist has changed and diversity is on the agenda. Join our industry leaders to discuss what’s changed and what more needs to be done for our screens to reflect their audience. With panelists Sue Maslin, David Vadiveloo, Julie Kalceff, Rosie Lourde and Rebecca Mostyn.

– Future of Media & Journalism
What will journalism look like? How will it be funded? Who will the journalists be? What standards will they be accountable to? Panel: Professor Jock Given, Professor Matthew Ricketson, Sally Whyte (Crikey) and Richard Bean (ACMA)

– Share your passion and grow an audience on YouTube
YouTube AUNZ’s Online Partnership Manager Guillaume Deront will be joined by local YouTube channel celebrities to share the future of YouTube with you, as well as some tips on how to find and build your audience.

– Indigenous Community Media from the Bush to the City 
Community media plays a big role in communicating and preserving Indigenous culture, but it has also been the springboard for many successful Indigenous filmmakers such as Warwick Thornton, Rachel Perkins and Curtis Taylor. A look at where Community Media has come from to see where it is going. Panel: Philip Batty, Neil Turner, Warwick Thornton, Curtis Taylor

– Beyond ShootyBang’s Revenge: The storytelling potential in games
There is a shift happening in videogames, a shift that some would argue is well overdue. No longer are we confined to the demographic of the pimply teenager in his mother’s basement playing militaristic warfare games or ripping through zombies with chainsaws. A new world is opening up where people are using games to tell personal stories of their lived experience, to encourage empathy, and to examine what it is about games themselves that can help us stand in another’s shoes. Leena van Deventer explores the potential games have for a totally different way to tell stories

– The Reinvention of the Media; Issues for the Future of Media Studies
Graeme Turner is a highly regarded media and cultural studies leader and one of the founding figures in media and cultural studies in Australia. In his keynote at the Summit he will argue that the scale of change we have seen in the media over the last two decades has produced, in effect, a re-invention of the media – and that media studies being taught in schools has so far failed to address the full range of these changes and their implications

The Youth Media Festival will run concurrently on Saturday 2nd July 2016 and is for young content makers and students working in film, TV, radio, games and online spheres.

Full schedule of Screen Futures Summit and Youth Media Festival 

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