Guy Sebastian returning for X Factor


Guy Sebastian is confirmed to return to The X Factor, as the sole returning judge.

He joins previously-announced Iggy Azalea on the Seven talent show.

The show is set for a major shake-up this year, including a shorter season.

“There’s not only the reveal of the judges and who they are but also possible changes to the judging and how that happens, possible changes to the categories and how they happen. I don’t know the fine details yet but there will be a lot of changes but the core of my job stays the same in that I’m there to mentor,” he told News Corp.

With Olympics on Seven’s August schedule, X Factor is expected to feature only 5 weeks of Live shows, at the end of the year.


  1. John Jackson

    Cool to see Guy back. He’s always been good value but he may be the only resemblance to previous seasons.

    Really not sure why 7 are even bothering when they’re seemingly giving it a rushed and shorter season this time.

    If they return it after this year hopefully they allow the series time to breathe and let more people view the auditions as well (this is the first year that they’re doing the auditions with judges only in Sydney it seems – every other year had Melbourne included too).

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