Hamish & Andy developing new series

Hamish Blake and Andy Lee hopeful that Nine will pick up a new show for 2017.


Hamish Blake and Andy Lee are developing a new show and sound hopeful that Nine will pick it up.

“We’re actually in the middle of sorting out a new show that we’re working on for hopefully next year,” Blake tells News Corp.

“I’ll keep the details a secret but it’s pretty exciting. It’s not like anything we’ve ever done before so it won’t be a travel show or anything like that.

“We have obviously been a part of Nine for a long time now and have a great working relationship with them,” he said. “For us personally and for our situation it’s a magical balance.”

Earlier this year rumours suggested the duo were signing with Seven, which led to Nine insisting, “the network remains close to Hamish & Andy and is talking to them about their next series.”

Meanwhile Hamish Blake has a supporting role on TEN’s The Wrong Girl, written by his wife Zoe Foster Blake.

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    1. Who cares? lol. I will tell you who cares… their 2.3 million fans on facebook (myself included) that’s who! Millions of people listen to them on the radio daily and their Gap year shows drew an average of almost 1.2 million viewers over it’s 4 series. So seems plenty of people care @simmo3

  1. Given what Nine has recently approved as being suitable for broadcast, as long as their idea involves questionable morals and a bag of cash, I don’t think they’ll have any trouble in getting nine to give it the green light.

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