1. Whom ever came up with the idea of Kiss Bang Love should not be working in TV. What were they thinking??? They should think more Australian.. Like a Koala… Eats Roots Leaves.

  2. I never thought there could be a program more insulting to my intelligence than “Gogglebox”, then along came “Kiss Bang Love”.
    Thank heavens for Foxtel where we can always find something worthwhile to watch. Enjoying “Home In Time For The Weekend” on 106 currently and, of course, the perennial favourite “Escape To The Country”.

  3. I watched 20 to 1 last night and found it entertaining. Never tuned in before because I’m not a fan of Bert Newton.

    Kiss Bang Love didn’t start until 9:20pm last night, quite a late timeslot for the show. Not surprised at those ratings.

    Britains Got Talent was crammed full of ads, id rather watch the episodes ad free on YouTube

  4. Kiss Bang Love will be gone next Tuesday on those numbers. Shows we all have some taste.
    NCIS:LA did huge numbers for 9.30pm its best all year.

  5. chivasssimo

    So We can all but assume ‘Kiss Bang Gone’? Haven’t watched, but disappointed to see 20 to 1 drop, only because it’s not another reality show. We all want less reality, but then we tune out when that actually happens?

      • In the decade since the original 20 to One, youtube has cornered the market in ‘best of’ and ‘funniest’ lists. A new one is released every second day.

        No surprise it is sinking, but zero pity for Nine who have slotted it at 7:30pm this Sunday in place of The Voice.

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