1. Great to see studio 10 almost crack the 100k barrier. I wonder if ten will make use of any Crawfords productions content for multichannels with the WIN network agreement….given WIN own the Crawfords library.

  2. I like the new segment on footyology (7.30pm ch 31 melbourne or youtube) called rounds of our lives which highlighted things that happened on a round ten way back when. It was a good addition. Last weeks starts in cars with david schwarz was also good and I agree with his words of advice in it being important the company you keep. Its actually quite strange that in the world of everything starting late on commerical free to air footyology starts a minute or two before 7.30pm.

  3. I haven’t watched KBL, but the ad alone did not appeal to me even venturing there. I enjoy being the Jewish Grandmother match maker as much as the next person, but the premise of this show didn’t allow you any buy in. Kissing is such an intimate act that it can’t be felt by others looking on. Sure you may think you know, but I don’t think I want to spend how many minutes watching others slob up just to get some skin in the game.

  4. barrington bumbaclaart

    Revolution School wasn’t very good and it’s ratings reflect that. It tried to be good and had hints of being good but just fell flat due to bad storytelling and a set up more akin to a corporate video. ABC’s factual department really need to step up their game otherwise they will continue to see their output receiving sub-par ratings.

    Meanwhile, Foreign Correspondent was all class last night with a very well told story.

  5. – Turned off 20 to 1 when they said “what will be number one with over 2 billion views” – whole point of that show is the anticipation for number 1. That comment gave it away.
    – Best Bits – gave it a go but was positively awful – lasted 3 minutes.
    – NRL Rookie – absolutely lost being on GO! and deserves better
    – Ten have to stop promoting shows coming up “next” on digital channels that start 20 minutes earlier than the show they promote it in (as in Masterchef finishing at 8.50 or so yet digital show starts at 8.30-ish. Seven have done this as well).

    • 20 to One did an ok debut…. but how the hell you can have top viral videos and not include Susan Boyle is beyond me. She was on a certain show called …..Britain’s Got Talent! **bangs head***

    • Secret Squïrrel

      That was 20 to 1’s first port of call? More Youtube videos?! Give me a f***ing break. Lowest Common Denominator Television.

  6. chivasssimo

    Hopefully the message to TEN is loud and clear to fix your multichannels. I didn’t watch, but can’t be a bad thing to have 20 to 1 back on TV. It was a great show and at least it’s not more reality.

    • chivasssimo

      I still think a new crime channel could work. Surely TEN can use content from CI or TV Hits. Foxtel can retain key shows but other shows not on FTA and other repeats could air on this channel.

    • I don’t watch a lot of FTA, and what I do is PVR-ed, but looking at ELEVEN’s schedule I can see one major issue – their daytime programming doesn’t line up with their target audience! Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, JAG, Judging Amy and Medium weren’t watched by 16-35 year olds when they first launched, let alone over 20 years later. And then their afternoon sitcoms (Becker, Frasier, King of Queens and Everybody Loves Raymond) don’t resonate with young viewers. They should replace the daytime programs with those like 90210, Smallville, Charmed, Buffy, Dawson’s Creek, 7th Heaven, Friday Night Lights, etc.. Or they could even do a young version of Drs and Dr Phil by airing Jerry Springer and Maury at the same time (and yes, they are still going in the U.S.!). Then replace the sitcoms with That 70s Show, Fresh Prince, 8 Simple Rules, Sabrina, Sister Sister, etc. My point is, a channel…

    • Their multichannels are pure garbage, aren’t they? Air all new content between 6pm-midnight or 6.30-midnight if persisting with the roadblock. Put Colbert/Corden back to back 10-midnight on Eleven, actually schedule it like you care if people are watching. Make One the crime/darker stuff with movies most nights to finish at midnight. Build up that 6-12 stuff and the daytime stuff can be filled out by relevant old stuff or encores.

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