Less reality as Nine, Seven shows edge closer to finals


An update for those who keep their eyes on scheduling.

From here on there are fewer episodes of The Voice and House Rules on our screens.

Next week The Voice has just one episode, its Live performance at 7:30pm Monday. It’s due to run for 2 hrs until 9:30pm followed by a repeat of Adele: Live in London.

At 7pm on Sunday Nine will screen 20 to One (it also airs on Tuesday), opting to build the local brand instead of the entertainment theme of more Britain’s Got Talent.

Meanwhile House Rules is already at three episodes a week as it moves towards semi-final phase.

It has a Highway Patrol on Wednesdays, which according to guides are new episodes next week.


  1. The big winner out of this will most likely be 10 who have no majors holes in programing for that 7:30 slot for the rest of the year.

    Once MC finishes they have Au Survivor, Spelling Bee and Au Bachelor/ette to occupy the 7:30 slot for the rest of the year.

    7 have X-Factor and that Dessert show on the horizon and 9 has the 273rd season of The Block but judging by lack of promos for either of them, they are not on the imeadate future (ie, when HR/Voice concludes)

  2. They have also cut the HR season shorter by not renovating a holiday house. Which makes it all about the Contestants homes which is what it should be!

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