Lynda Stoner to stand for Senate

2016-06-01_22441970s soapie star Lynda Stoner is standing for a seat in the Senate for the Animal Justice Party.

Stoner, who was one of TV’s most glamorous stars, is best known for Cop Shop, The Paul Hogan Show, The Young Doctors and Prisoner. She is a long-standing advocate for animal rights.

She will stand for the Senate in New South Wales and has previously stood unsuccessfully for a seat in the NSW Parliament.

“On shows like Cop Shop, we were a tight-knit group and there was lots of laughter and camaraderie. I am also grateful for the public profile it gave me so that I could speak up for animals,” she told News Corp.

“I am also excited by the fact that more and more Australians recognise that animals need a voice.”

Stoner’s former fiancé Derryn Hinch is also standing for the Senate, for the Justice Party.

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