1. With WIN set to join in on Friday their top brass must be chuffed.
    On another note, it appears WIN will run Family Feud on what was their GEM channel 82 at 6pm weeknights.

  2. We thought last nights MC was dull and boring,in fact Heston week has been uninspiring they have no concept or ability to rival his works,the ice cream challenge…ho-hum . They have all been found out this week as average cooks with.luttle inspiration, but we will keep.watching to keep hearing, ” i may ne in elimination “, ” i don’t want to wear black” or the obligatory cry..
    And when.they do they pull themselves together and don’t get eliminated

  3. I didn’t watch NCIS last night. I spent last night catching up on bones (1ep), love child and footy classified. That finished up around 8.30pm but NCIS wasn’t scheduled to start till 8.50pm. Didn’t feel like watching rubbish on tv so I went off and did other things with the intention to return and watch NCIS but got distracted and didn’t watch tv for the rest of the night.

  4. Without House Rules to compete, and an episode that focussed on chocolate, this is not surprising. I think this will be an anomaly rather than a trend.

  5. MasterChef #1 with best numbers. Massive result for TEN.

    Surprised with NCIS, considering recent weeks & promos, thought last night would have been 750-800k? Still won its slot though.

    Wonder if Network Ten will have a win tonight?

    Assuming MasterChef gets over 1.1m again, Offspring gets over 900k & The Project / Family Feud fair well too…

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