Morgan siblings move into Summer Bay

Meet the three other actors joining James Stewart as Home & Away's newest clan.

James Stewart, Jackson Heywood, Penny McNamee, Orpheus Pledger_resize

Home and Away‘s newest family the Morgan clan, join the Seven soap from tonight.

They are L-to-R:  Justin (James Stewart), Brody (Jackson Heywood), Tori (Penny McNamee) and Mason (Orpheus Pledger).

While Stewart is well-known to audiences, here is a little more on the other three ‘Morgan siblings.’

Jackson Heywood, 27, has appeared in Dance Academy, East West 101, Teen Wolf plus Vulnerable and The Weight of Blood and Bones.

“Apart from being able to work in the same area I grew up in, I honestly feel like I couldn’t have landed a better job,” he said. “For the longest time I’ve been searching for a role that gives me the time and opportunity to really make a role my own and also allows me to continually hone my craft and cultivate my love for what I do. I’m looking forward to this next chapter in my life.”

Penny McNamee, 32, has appeared in stage productions of Witches of Eastwick, Hurlyburly, Wicked: The Musical and TV credits include White, Collar Blue, All Saints, Headland, Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot, The Pacific, Political Animals, Elementary and Blue Bloods.

Home and Away is the perfect job; it’s filmed in the best city in the world, on the most beautiful beaches, with world class actors and it’s summer all year round! What more could a girl ask for?” she said.

Orpheus Pledger, 22, has appeared in The Secret Life of Us, Marshall Law, Welcher & Welcher, CrashBurn, Silversun, McLeod’s Daughters, Blue Heelers, Neighbours, Schapelle, House Husbands, The Matrix and The Wannabes.

“An opportunity this rare is the start of my dreams coming true. I am exceptionally grateful that I am able to give my all and focus on the one thing I am most passionate about in life. Moving out of home to start working on my biggest and longest role to date has been a major shift and the team at Home and Away have become like a family to me. I spend every day with the best cast and crew members and I’m so thankful for that,” he said.

7pm weeknights on Seven.

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  1. The show also needs opening titles again. I have no idea who is who, how they are matched, and with so many of the young cast looking the same, makes it harder to get back into the show if I wanted too.

  2. The promos have put me off. They show needs to go back to its roots when people didn’t always come to the bay with dark pasts and end up in some sort of siege or being hunted by a former nemesis.

  3. Agreed – especially not with the promos saying they’re a family with a dark dangerous secret. From the promos alone, one could assume they’re just another version of the Braxtons or the Barretts.

    Maybe H&A has just passed its use by date?

  4. I am already yawning…. Yes Summer Bay needed fresh blood and a new family…. But why o why could they not just make it a nuclear family, a mum and dad with 2 or 3 kids in a stable home??
    Even have Finlay and her family to move back to the bay and be closer to her mother Irene (speaking of which, Where is Irene??)
    The show has been going backwards for a good couple of years now and this new ‘family’ won’t help things…..

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