1. I admit, I was wrong. That Most Extreme whatever rated higher than KBL did last Tuesday night. Id be amazed if it improves on last nights 424k.
    Also, what’s happened to Best Bits? Or was that merely a half hour filler that will reappear when KBL finishes/disappears?

  2. Stand by for Seven to bump/ditch Kiss Bang Love then, surely? More animals-do-the-silliest type docos or a movie filler, perhaps?
    Seven News’ main 6pm bulletin seems to be trending higher at the moment v Nine’s equivalent in comparison to a year or two back. I haven’t had time to breakdown/analyse the detailed figures overall or for each market, but for where I live and watch in Melbourne for instance, the gap to Nine’s previously more dominant bulletin seems to have noticeably tighter.

  3. The sparse number of people who watch Ten must hoard to this site. Year to date Tens ratings are down on last year, Sevens are up. Despite the insightful predictions Masterchef ratings are well down on last year, House Rules are up – maybe next year for “Reno” fatigue. Ten will not win a single ratings night except for finales and other one-off events. Seven will gap nine by the biggest distance ever and with the Olympics, no Ashes and world cups (cricket and rugby) Seven will win every ratings week except for SOO or other nine special event weeks like logies etc. The undoubted winner last year was Ten, coming off an extremely low base but the channel with momentum this year is Seven. Any unbiased reading of the ratings would make that obvious.

    • Pretty sure 7’s main channel is down year on year, and Ten has grown?.. is that unbiased enough?
      Maybe they’ll recoup some numbers and get into the black with the Olympics, but those weeks won’t really count..
      You are right though, they will still win the year – and without any of this imaginary momentum you speak of, which is actually the scary part!

    • Us viewers want to see Ten thrive and prosper so the TV public get greater and varied choice of programs to watch. It’s that simple.

      • Secret Squïrrel

        Well why not go into bat for SBS then? If you’re so keen for a crime-based channel, surely you wouldn’t care whether it was on SBS or Ten?

        Anyway, more channels has not led to a greater and more varied choice of programs unless you count cheap filler, which mostly consists of repeats of stuff that has been on other channels or even other networks. If Aus TV were a smorgasbord it would mostly consist of 57 different types of ham, most of which is starting to go slimy. We don’t need any more channels.

        • Its hard to acheive variety when commercial free to air mantra is reality and they are so willing to throw money at silly shows such as kiss bang.

          A us drama that acheives 100k or 200k more than kiss bang in that timeslot would probably get dumped or shuffled around the schedule but kiss bang will probably survive.

        • Aussiecam58

          Simply saying any new channel needs to be themed n it just an assortment of programs thrown together. Theme channels like crime, comedy, sitcoms, nature, history, retro even, music and movies. Whatever channel l don’t care. There has to stacks of stuff available. I mentioned Ten just so they remain competitive.

    • I call that a hoax. Ten’s ratings are up on 2015 by 2%. Seven is down on last year. MasterChef is still doing over million viewers. Ten won in primary shares just recently. Thanks to MasterChef and Gogglebox on May 26. Ten is with the momentum. 28.6% share in 25-54s since 2012, and biggest total people since 2012

      • James-original

        William your data is incorrect.
        In 1800-2400 Consolidated data year on year in survey, Ten down, Nine down, Seven unchanged.
        Ten and Nine down in all key demographics. Seven up.
        Ten’s only up in the 55+ age group, up 9%.

        • The primary channel is up by 2% not down. Ten aren’t targeting 16-39 and 18-49. Then why would Ten lie then? As they stated its their biggest commercial share in 25-54 since 2011 on twitter.

          • William you need to look at what context is being quoted. Is it all Free to Air or just commercial? Is it ratings year or calendar year? Is it 6pm – midnight? TEN usually references 6-10:30pm. The standard remains FTA / ratings year / 6pm – midnight whether you are looking at Total People, Demos or individual channels. Hoping we don’t have to revisit this in future. Based on this, TEN’s primary channel is up 0.1%.

    • Masterchef rates well, I’ve got no problem with NCIS starting at 8.50 just so long as Ten advertise it as 8.50 in print media, EPGs and on their channels. I believe currently they are saying 8.40 in print, so could be better.
      As for NCIS without Tony, I agree, will be interesting to see how it goes without him.

  4. Well done Ten 🙂

    If only their strong main channel nights, could be complemented by stronger multi-channels…

    Network Ten & its advertisers would be very happy this year.

    House Rules and 20 to One look fake, just a fill-in excuse. I mean when you have the AFL and News as very strong lead-ins… Why not?

  5. MC has made Ten competitive again. Just need to work on Eleven and One plus they need a forth channel. I am hoping Australian Survivor will keep their momentum as well.

    • Why on earth would they need a fourth channel?? There’s too many already, with mostly unwatchable programs. They’re all scrambling to fill the hours already, why add to the pain.

  6. Nothing on offering for me last night so it was OITNB on Netflix in preparation for Friday!! And a little bit of 20 to 1 – is Lindsay Lohan really that desperate for work?!

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