Nine, Seven casting new couples shows.


If you thought we had seen the last of relationship shows, think again.

Seven and Nine are both casting for unnamed shows that require couples to apply.

If you’re applying remember, TV may not tell you everything up front!


Have you met the love of your life but your family isn’t so sure?

We are looking for couples that are in diverse, multicultural or progressive relationships that believe that against all odds they are destined for one another.

Applications close July 31


If your relationship is in trouble we want to help.

This new TV series is a once in a lifetime opportunity to take a break from routine at a beautiful tropical island resort.

Our leading experts will give couples a real chance to sort out their issues and rekindle their love.

You can be married, de facto partners or in a long-term relationship to apply.

1. You must be over 22 years of age on the day of application.
2. You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident to participate.
3. You must be married, in a relationship or have separated within the last 6 months.

Applications close 12th of August 2016


  1. Secret Squïrrel

    Given Nine’s form lately I’m guessing that there will be another couple on the island with whom they have to compete for resources, or they’ll just send in a surprise recovery team to snatch them from the island.

  2. I’ve heard the Seven show is FYI format Bride & Prejudice. The US show had 3 engaged couples facing family opposition to their marriage based on race or religious grounds. The US version was pretty boring.

  3. Great now they’ll kill off another genre by overexposure. Why don’t they just wait for Ten (again) to develop or at least create interest in another genre.

  4. Why do these two networks each have to thrash a reality show format, whether it’s cooking, building or dating and to make it worse, compete against each other so we get the same crap on both networks. These regional affiliates who won’t be getting Nine for a while certainly are not missing out on anything decent. Can’t recall the last time I was invested in anything Nine had to offer, and the same goes for Seven.

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