Seven dumps plans for The Day the Cash Came


EXCLUSIVE: It seems there’s only enough room for one show with a briefcase full of free cash on TV.

Seven has cancelled plans to proceed with a new reality series, The Day the Cash Came.

The show, based on a UK format, was announced at last year’s annual Upfronts by Seven.

A Seven spokesperson told TV Tonight, “We have launched a number of successful new franchises – including Seven Year Switch and First Dates.

“We also have a large slate of new projects in development and production focusing on our schedules following the Olympic Games and into 2017 and based on these projects, we have made the decision not to proceed with The Day The Cash Came at this point.”

Next week Nine launches The Briefcase, a similar premise but based on a US format.

The Day the Cash Came gives away a year’s annual salary to a family living on the poverty line, and follows to see if they will blow the cash or improve their lives. The Briefcase awards $100,000 each to two families but tests them to see if they will keep it or give any away to another deserving family.

In the UK The Day the Cash Came struggled in the ratings, which may have been behind Seven’s decision not to proceed. Meanwhile The Briefcase has attracted negative reviews ahead of its premiere next week on Nine, but participants have rejected the show as exploiting “poverty porn.”


  1. It sounded like a cheap reality show where there is a camera guy with a Mic on it and not much else. Spend the money on quality entertainment.

  2. The premise of The Briefcase certainly sounds a bit dodgy but I saw an interesting article at the weekend where one of the families who’s given a briefcase with $100,000 has hit out at critics of the show.

    They said they weren’t exploited, they were given multiple chances to walk away from the show at every point, and they believe the media using their image to criticise the show is in fact exploiting them.

    Interesting take on it.

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